The Christmas season is celebrated each year in many different ways around the world, varying by country, religion, and culture. There are many Christmas traditions that are followed by many different people around the world, while new traditions are being created each year. Every culture and family has their own unique Christmas traditions that they follow each and every year. For my family, we usually decorate our Christmas tree together, hang Christmas stockings all over the house, help my mom out in preparing mechado (my favorite), turbo chicken and fruit salad, go to church, watch Home Alone 1 and 2 (yes we do it every single year), visit our relatives and head down south to spend Christmas at one of the hotels there (there’s 14 of us in the family lol).

This year we plan on starting a new Christmas tradition wherein we give food to the homeless. Last week we drove around town to hand out packed lunch to the homeless. It was such an incredible feeling, something you cannot put a price tag on. I also came across these specially packaged Pepero at Family Mart the other day and thought that they are perfect Christmas presents for your classmates or colleagues, don’t you agree? I bought a bunch of these, which I will distribute to my nieces and nephews, househelp, driver and all the people I’ve worked with this year. Something as simple as this can be a reflection of how much we pay attention to the people around us and how much we appreciate them. How about you? Are you starting new Christmas traditions this year?

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