Are you a Flaker? (Top 3 Signs of a Flaky Hairstyle)


One of my greatest pet peeves is a flaker or having somebody flake on me. And I’m not just talking about those who say that they’ll be there to hangout with you and is a no-show. I’m talking about a dude with serious dandruff and it shows.

Nothing spells disaster than having your best day, and boom! Your suit got flakes! Too bad it ain’t snowing here, you could have just made an easy exit out of that sticky, scaly situation. In an utterly embarrassing scenario like this, you’d wish to just vanish on thin air and never come back. Since that’s a wish that will never be granted; hiding, (inside the restroom perhaps?) could very well be an option or you can start being mindful of these things. Here are the top 3 signs of a flaky hairstyle. Eep!

  1. Dark clothes reveal your flakes – just when you thought you were safe from recurring dandruff, wearing dark-hued clothes reveal otherwise.
  2. Oily scalp – you may not be washing your hair enough.
  3. Accumulated hairstyling product gunk (wax and gel build-up) – your current shampoo is not washing your hair and scalp enough.

Reeling from a bruised ego, a dude will always be up for a great comeback. To dandruff-proof your style, there’s New Clear Cool Sport Menthol. You’ve got nothing to hide as this face (and head)-saver removes styling wax and gel build-up so your hair stays clean and clear. Clear has Nutrium 10 technology and Dual Active Ingredients (Climbazole and ZnPTO) to keep you fresh and dandruff-proof. Cheers to second chances! There’s no more hiding when you know you’re fully covered, not with flakes, but with good looking confidence.

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