As a child, I used to think that I can be anybody. That life is an endless world of possibities and I can be whatever I want at the snap of my fingers. As I grow older, I realized that everything’s not as easy as it seems. Opportunities don’t come on a silver platter. I have to work hard for it, take that leap and decide to jump overboard. Oftentimes, I stumble but it is in getting up that I learn. I get back on my feet no matter how many times I fall because I love to live.


I live to inspire, love and explore through my blog. I feel fully alive when I get to live out my curiosity turned into passion. I feel empowered knowing I can be a positive influence to someone, yet humbled knowing fully well that my God put me here for a reason. And yes, I am all ears to what He wants me to accomplish. Encouraging people to be the best they can be, whatever field they are in is my life’s driving force. Daring them to dream and to live out their passion, creating change and sharing a better perspective at life is what truly motivates me to better my craft.


I’ve read stories about selfless individuals who use their lives for the greater good. I am in awe of such people. Hope is what motivates this man to travel 14kms. everyday to reach the public school where he teaches. Mr. Jejomar Villacorte is a teacher assigned in the farthest public school of Tacloban City, Lorenzo Daa Memorial School. This school sits atop a mountain in Brgy. Paglaum and incidentally, ” paglaum” is a Waray term for hope. So one can only imagine the sacrifice these people have to go through everyday because this teacher wants to motivate young minds and hearts so they too, will pay it forward for the next generations to come.


Miss Bea Manlulo wants to show the world that she does amazing things not because and in spite of her disability, but because she has the ability and willpower to actually do it. She says, “Everything is possible. I see each day as a chance to prove my worth by merely being myself, believing in myself and being able to inspire as many people as I can.” She constantly reminds herself that it’s okay not to be perfect and that we are all created according to God’s perfect plan. She is strong yet gentle, sensitive yet loving, stubborn yet forgiving, fearless yet God-fearing, disabled yet complete. And that makes her BEAutifully different.


These inspirational stories are worth sharing and remembering because these personal experiences provide comfort and hope to many. To uplift and make life better for others and go beyond just existing give joy so deep it simply overflows.

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