Ever wondered what lurks in Universal Studios come night time? Evil has come upon us, darkness has descended. Starting October 2, experience the horrifying aftermath of the Blood Moon, unleashed across 4 haunted houses and 3 scare zones at Universal Studios Singapore’s Halloween Horror Nights 5—which will run for 14 nights across five weekends.

Universal Studios Singapore is set to bring your scariest nightmares to life once again, this time with a unique touch of Singaporean flair. Taking center stage at Halloween Horror Nights 5 will be a new chapter of True Singapore Ghost Stories inspired by horror stories on the train, an epidemic-stricken HDB block, a hell house featuring paper effigies, as well as the event’s first ever dark house.

Halloween Horror Nights 5 will feature four haunted houses and three scare zones throughout the theme park. I wasn’t really expecting much from the scare zones because I felt that these are just added in for photo ops. But wow, I couldn’t have been more wrong on this. The 3 Scare Zones were all so terrifyingly good. You’ll get your pick of hungry ghosts, deformed mutants and alien invaders. I’m a huge fan of extraterrestrials so imagine my delight when I was in the middle of a catastrophic war between aliens and mankind.

If you’re looking for a really good scare, then make sure you go to all 4 Haunted Houses scattered around the theme park. You get to travel back in time at a cursed MRT station (built in collaboration with True Singapore Ghost Stories), escape a life-sized paper effigy hell house, enter the carnage of a zombie-infested HDB block, or grope your way through the Tunnel People’s lair, this event’s first-ever dark house experience.

I went with my blogger friends Camille, Laureen, Nicole and Vina. Being the only guy in the group, I was always the “bait,”–meaning I was always the one in front who has to find my way inside the haunted houses while the girls hold on to each other for dear life. Each haunted house was spine-chilling and disturbing but the standout for me would have to be the Siloso Gateway Block 50 and Hell House. Try your best not to scream like a little girl nor pee in your pants when you enter here. Just saying.

Beyond the scares, select rides and attractions will also be open throughout the event for even more thrills. These include Battlestar Galactica: Human VS Cylon, Puss In Boots’ Giant Journey, Transformers The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle and more. Imagine riding the roller coaster at midnight! It will bring a different kind of thrill for sure! I can’t wait to go back next year for Halloween Horror Nights 6 and I’m looking forward to seeing what they can conjure up to keep raising the bar.

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Witness your scariest nightmares come to life and invite your friends to Halloween Horror Nights 5 at Universal Studios Singapore. Halloween Horror Nights 5 will be open to the public from Oct 2 to Oct 31 on selected nights A standard ticket costs $68. The park will be open from 7:30pm to 12 midnight. You can buy your tickets here or at any attraction ticket booth. The Blood Moon spares no one. 

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