Palawan is no doubt one of the best islands in the world. Wrapped in rainforests, outstanding dive sites, pristine white beaches, beautiful rock formations, secret coves, a colorful marine life and underground mysteries. Palawan certainly lives up to its name as the last frontier.

I felt bad that I haven’t traveled to El Nido nor Coron—and to think that my goal this year was to explore my own country more! Well, to keep my promise, I decided to book a flight to El Nido with Vina. We had 3 full days to explore the island. However, we were on a tight budget because we were saving up for another trip. We thought it would be practical to save money on the lodging by booking a hostel. We discovered Spin Hostel through Instagram (gotta love social media) and how timely was it that we were there on the same week they’re opening? I’d like to think that it was meant to be. I should stop talking right now and show you around this beautiful hostel! Ready to take a spin?


Touchdown Puerto Princesa! It would’ve been more convenient if we flew straight to El Nido but unfortunately all the chartered flights were booked. Oh well!


Instead of taking a cherry bus, we opted to take a van instead. It takes about 5-6 hours to get to El Nido town but our driver loves to pee so much so we had tons of stopovers, all that while squeezing myself inside the van along with 13 other people.


We finally made it to SPIN Hostel! From the drop off point, Vina and I took a tricycle to El Nido town (which only took 5 minutes or less).


Judging from outside, I already feel like I’m gonna love this place!


Just as expected, the hostel is very instagram-worthy! This is an important factor for us millennials. Am I right or am I right? Haha!


This wasn’t the hostel I had in mind! How beautiful is this place! It looks like a boutique hotel! This area is called “The Nest” where you can play a bunch of different board games, play some instruments and maybe make new friends?


They also have these for you to play with. It’s like SPIN Hostel is telling me to stop locking myself in my room and get out. Lol


Upon checking in, the receptionist will hand you the softest, most amazing blanket I have ever experienced in my life. This was the main culprit why I wake up so late every morning (P.S. I purchased one in Manila the day after our trip lol).


This is how their roof looks like. Cool right?


This little one welcomed us at the entrance. Most of the time I would freak out but this frog looks very classy…the ones you see at National Geographic. Lol ok don’t mind me.


This area is called The Table. Literally. Lol. It’s a common space where you can eat your meals, etc.


This area is called The Deck. The perfect spot if you fancy dining al fresco or just wanna chill…or maybe throw a party! As for me, this was my favorite OOTD spot for the whole trip haha


This is the view from the balcony.


The stairs from the deck which takes you to El Nido town (where all the parties and nice restaurants are).


Our room was at the lower level. Check out the cool interiors!


Hallway going to our room. Can’t wait to just lie down in bed…


Finally in our cozy little room! We booked this for only 700 pesos/night (with breakfast). Not bad, not bad at all!


I have no problems with staying in hostels as I’ve tried a couple of them in other countries. Aaand look, for such a small (and cozy) and cheap room, the place is well lit and it can get really cold in here! It has an aircon + a really huge ceiling fan!


Thought I’d share a few photos of the common restroom because I know a lot of you guys are very particular with this one! Haha!


I love this area! Feels like I’m in a dorm or a college boarding house (something I’ve never experienced that’s why haha).


No need to worry guys. The common bathroom is squeaky clean and spacious!


Vina and I were drained from traveling the whole day so all we wanted to do was to order some room service. But then we realized we were staying at a hostel so we needed to feed ourselves. LOL. Good thing is, SPIN is in El Nido town where all the famous restaurants are! Woot!


Top of the morning, El Nido!


I was surprised that breakfast was included in our 700/night package. Comparing it to the other hostels that I’ve tried (which sometimes cost me P1000-2000 per night), it doesn’t come with a complimentary breakfast unlike Spin’s!


They have a pretty decent selection of bread and jam. Not bad for a hostel!


Even fresh fruits and juices!


They even have an egg station by the deck!


Here’s my breakfast! All fuelled up for a full day of island hopping!


Buwis buhay shot at The Deck. I’ll be posting tons of outfits which I shot at this balcony so stay tuned for that!


Spin Hostel has nice and clean floors for flatlays too lol. Here are a few of my beach essentials.


Another thing that I like about SPIN Hostel is how they have connections to the best tour guides in the island. They referred us to one and we had a great experience!


Here’s a little snippet of our lunch prepared by our talented tour guide. I’ll be posting a separate blog post for this so stay tuned!


Kayaking at the small lagoon in El Nido.


Back at Spin Hostel after a fun yet tiring island hopping trip! We still had extra time to rest and freshen up before our BBQ night!


Another thing that I love about hostel culture is how they have a lot of gimmicks and events. We saw on Spin’s bulletin board by the lobby that they were having a BBQ night so we signed up for it!


Since Vina and I were too tired (and full) to party, we just stayed at The Nest and played a bunch of random games with our new friends!  We had the most amazing night.


Last few hours in Spin Hostel. I’m going to miss this place!


Took a tricycle to the airport. We could barely fit our legs but good thing it was just a 10 minute transfer!


We were finally able to book a chartered flight to Manila! Check out our cool wooden boarding passes!


Till next time, El Nido! It was a short and sweet trip. I’ll definitely come back here!

My stay in Spin Hostel was incomparable to all the 5 star hotels I’ve stayed in other countries or even locally. Spin Hostel brings a sense of community. Staying at Spin Hostel feels like you are childhood friends with the other guests and staff. It’s hard to feel homesick in Spin.

Spin Hostel is located at Balinsasayaw Road cor. Calle Real, El Nido, Palawan. For more details, updates or promos, check out their Facebook page or book your stay here.

Photos by me | Taken with iPhone 6
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