Life is a celebration. A new day is reason enough for me to rejoice. As they say, today is a gift, that’s why it is called present. Filipinos recognize this and we just love celebrating life with people closest to our hearts. Our sunny disposition makes us smile and laugh at the slightest provocation. It’s no wonder we are known as a happy smiling nation. Well, come to think of it, what’s not to smile about?


We pride ourselves as a country that smiles. Rejoicing over the simplest things and being grateful for everything is what defines us. But how do we really enjoy these celebrations? Truthfully, it is impossible to be confident when we have oral health concerns. I know, I used to be so self conscious myself. For years, I have allowed myself to be open for judgement because I was not paying much attention to my teeth. The dark coffee and sodas I’ve consumed stained my pearly whites. I used to think that as long as I am able to present myself well enough, I can already pull everything off. I guess I was wrong.  My smiles were half baked. My family and friends notice it.  They see me smiling – just on the outside. Yes, we may be known as a smiling country but when asked to smile in front of the camera, we tend to hide our teeth. Sounds familiar? Sadly, it happens. When it does happen, that is a red flag.


Thankfully, I made an amazing discovery! Just by paying extra attention to the most basic, I can now smile confidently inside and out. People around me readily noticed the big difference because my eyes now smile with me. When asked as to what caused the sudden change? They couldn’t believe it! So they, too, followed suit upon learning the right first step to oral care – the use of the right toothbrush. Oral B Pro-Health Cross Action toothbrush provides superior cleaning with its unique 16-degree angle brush to remove 99% plaque and help prevent oral health problems. Just by using the right toothbrush, we can be confident inside and out and be true to what we are known for – a nation of happy smiling Filipinos and we can all #SmilePilipinas.

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