HOW TO: Get The Most Fun At Universal Studios Singapore


I had an 8pm flight back to Manila which means I have less than 7 hours to explore Universal Studios Singapore. Having way too much fun with my friends at Clark Quay the night before, we woke up around 11am (the theme park opens at 10). Even though my friends and I have been to Universal Studios Singapore more than once (and visiting it once is never enough), we wanted to make the most of our trip and enjoy it as much as we can. As a frequent park visitor, here are a few tips to get the most fun at Universal Studios Singapore, plus my favorite attractions! Enjoy!


Buy your tickets ahead. You can buy tickets online (make sure you print them) or you can purchase them at the ticket booth. Since I was staying at Hotel Michael (just 2 minute walk from Universal Studios), I got tickets the day before.


Go Early. Universal Studios Singapore opens at at 10am and it would be great if you go there before the gates open. You can be one of the first ones in line try out the rides and have more time to explore the park.


Pick a Strategic Day to Go. If your schedule permits, avoid going there on weekends, on peak seasons and especially on public holidays because there would surely be a lot of people going. We went at the most perfect time. No tourists to photobomb my OOTDs, woot!


Wear Breathable Clothes. Most theme park visits will last for several hours if not all day so you wanna make sure that your clothes aren’t too tight nor heavy. Always consider the fabric of the clothes you’re wearing. I opted for something light-weight, loose-fitting and breathable fabrics. Hats are essential too as they provide sun protection, but they may have to be removed for certain rides. I blogged about this look here.


Wear Comfortable Shoes. Theme parks are huge and requires a lot of walking. Trust me, a pair of comfortable sneakers is the way to go. Sandals and flip-flops are okay but they’re not the most comfortable for a day at a theme park. Remember, wearing the wrong shoes can ruin your entire day! You don’t wanna hassle your friends and be the cause of delay.


Plan Your Time Wisely. Make the most of your time at Universal Studios Singapore and check the schedule of the shows you want to watch like Waterworld, Shrek 4D, Steven Spielberg’s Lights Camera Action and many more to avoid wasting time waiting for them to open. Get the leaflet/brochure about the shows as well as the entire map of the theme park.


Get a Fast Pass. I highly recommend that you purchase the Universal Express (or fast pass) to skip the crazy regular queues. Waiting time can take from 15 minutes to a gruelling one hour so this pass is helpful especially on peak days! With the Universal Express pass, there’s zero waiting time–you don’t even have time to back out when your friends are pressuring you to a ride. Haha!


Try Transformers The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle. I prefer riding this first before anything else because it kinda sets the mood for your whole time at Universal Studios Singapore.


Get ready to experience this hyper-realistic 3D thrill ride, and be transported into the incredible world of Transformers! My jaws were dropped the entire time. It was astonishing!


Ride Revenge of the Mummy. This high-speed indoor roller coaster is one of my favourites as it navigates through sharp turns and a fast reverse as it pits guests against fireballs, scarab beetles and mummies–all in total darkness. It’s so good, one ride isn’t enough!


Take a Breather and Try Puss in Boot’s Giant Journey (A New Attraction). Universal Studios Singapore debuts the world’s first suspended roller coaster themed after the franchise. Make sure you try this when you visit Universal Studios!


Gather Some Courage and Ride Battlestar Galactica: Human VS Cylon. I’m a big fan of roller coasters so imagine my excitement when I found out that the ride is operational agin! Themed after the hit television show “Battlestar Galactica,” the world’s tallest pair of duelling roller coasters–one seated (Human) and the other, suspended (Cylon), will propel thrill-seekers on several inversions, a zero-g roll, a cobra roll, corkscrews and vertical loops.


The ride, the tallest of its kind in the world, takes 90 seconds to complete its 1 kilometre route. What’s more exciting is that the ride now features two-seater vehicles that brings riders closer to the experience! Don’t forget to use your fast pass here! (So that you wouldn’t have time to think about backing out lol)


Fight the Food Frenzy. Eat a heavy breakfast so that you wouldn’t have to line up with the rest of the crowd at the restaurants inside the theme park. Pack snacks such as crackers, chips and bottled water so you have energy the whole day. If you can’t find food you fancy within the park, you may head outside the park (you can get an invisible stamp on your way out) and eat at the nearby restaurants within Resorts World Sentosa (now I’m craving for some Din Tai Fung).

Additional Tip: Eat a heavy meal AFTER you ride all the hardcore rides, you wouldn’t want to puke all over the place.


Stay Hydrated. Singapore can get really hot and humid so always hydrate. Make it fun by drinking from these Minion sippy cups which we got within the park. It can make for a nice gift for your younger siblings/nieces/nephews too! (But these two kids at heart bought these for themselves, of course)


Be Prepared to Get Wet. Rides like Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure and Waterworld will get you wet so pack an extra shirt, make use of the “drying machines” outside those “wet” rides or buy a raincoat like we did! I think it’s about 4SGD only.


Make Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure Your Last Ride. Featuring a white water raft system, thrill-seekers on circular rafts will be tossed on waterways within the Jurassic Park compound, where prehistoric creatures roam free.


Caution: you will get wet. You’ve been warned!


If you have extra time to spare, ride the other attractions you wouldn’t normally ride. I tried the Shrek  4D Adventure and I ended up loving it! Other rides to try are: Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase, Accelerator, Treasure Hunters, Dino Soarin, Amber Rock Climb. Canopy Flyer, Donkey Live, Magic Potion Spin, Enchanted Airways, Madagascar: A Crate Adventure, etc.

Lastly, don’t forget to have a positive attitude and make good memories with your family and friends. Okay, that was cheesy. But I felt the need to say it. So yeah. Enjoy your time at Universal Studios Singapore!

Got other tips? Please let me know by commenting below!

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