The students from University of Santo Tomas (UST) in Espana, Manila felt fully alive last September 10 for a whole day of fun with B’lue wherein they got to try different booths, make new friends and take a breather from their classes! If you haven’t heard, B’lue is a unique drink experience inspired by how this generation lives- fully alive and ready to take on what’s ahead!

B’lue is making its rounds to top universities in the metro to inspire busy college students to refresh, re-energize and feel fully alive with B’lue. I attended the fun event in the UST campus and was very delighted to meet all my readers! It was a wet and rainy that day but it sure didn’t dampen the moods of the students who enjoyed B’lue and the many activities they prepared for us.

The different booths were a sure hit! The B’lue Campus Billboard has a free Wi-Fi access and shows a live feed of all those who posted online using the hashtag #USTFullyAlivewithBlue. The other panel served as photo shoot backdrop as it is a very nice and colorful doodle board where students were invited to leave messages or drawings for others to see. I spotted quite a few #Aldub hashtags though haha!

The students were in for a treat as bottles of B’lue were freely given out to the thirsty and to the curious. I was able to try all the flavors (Calamansi, Lychee, Orange) and Lychee was a sure winner for me!

One of the interesting features of the B’lue Booth was the B’lue Bench. It is a weight-activated bench wherein three (3) people are required to sit a time. Once this is fulfilled, a hatch will open and 3 bottles of B’lue will come out for them to enjoy. The objective really is for people to come in groups of three and interact with the bench or with each other. As an added gimmick, there will be a live voice prompt at the bench that will interact with those sitting on it making it appear as if it’s a talking bench. I tried this with my blogger friends who graced the event and we sure had a lot of fun catching up, talking to the Bench and shouting “UST Fully Alive with B’lue”.

And finally, the B’lue Vendo, my personal favorite, is a vendo that will give you a free B’lue bottle in exchange of selfies or more preferably, groufies. We were asked to snap a photo with the vendo and post it on social media with the hashtag #USTFullyAlivewithBlue. Once posted, the vendo will prompt a message confirming the post and a bottle of B’lue will come out. What a cool idea!

But more than the fun gimmicks, B’lue’s message is simpleour generation continues to move forward amidst the challenges we face, and B’lue supports us as we take on what’s ahead. Feel fully alive with B’lue and more importantly, live to feel.

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To check out more photos from the B’lue school activation events, you can visit and like their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/DrinkBluePH or follow the #FullyAliveWithBlue hashtag on Facebook and Instagram. 

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