I keep saying how hot and humid it is in Singapore but for one particular day during my recent trip, the heat was unbearable to the point that any movement made would cause one to sweat. As tempting as it sounds to stay in my cozy little hotel room and turn the AC on full blast, I headed out to make the most of my trip. Vina and I decided to check out Adventure Cove Waterpark for a few hours then head to Universal Studios. We thought an hour or two would be enough since we really just wanted to check the place out and take a dip.

We purchased a “fast pass” just so Vina and I wouldn’t have to queue at the slides anymore but the staff encouraged us not to buy because there aren’t a lot of people anyway (I love how honest they are lol). But we still purchased because we’re impatient like that, haha! Vina and I got to try some of the slides and holy cow, we didn’t expect that it would be so much fun! I have to admit, we underestimated Adventure Cove. We had way too much fun to the point wherein Vina and I both agreed to spend the whole day there and move our trip to Universal Studios the next day. Haha!


An amazing view of Dolphin Island and Adventure Cove Waterpark from my room. All set for a fun day!


We stayed at the beautiful Equarius Hotel, just beside Dolphin Island and Adventure Cove Waterpark. If you’re checked-in here, they have their own little entrance at the back go the hotel for an easy access to the water park.


First stop: Dolphin Island!


Dolphin Island offers a range of programs that gives you the opportunity to interact with Indo-Pacific Bottlenose dolphins and interact with them!


You can choose among the 7 interactive activities they offer such as Dolphin Discovery, where dolphin trainers guide guests through a 30-minute personal dolphin interaction in shallow water; Dolphin Trek, a first in Asia, where guests wear an underwater helmet as they trek 4 meters deep into the lagoon to experience the dolphins.


Dolphin Adventure, where more adventurous guests get to swim with dolphins and even get to go on a dolphin belly-ride; Dolphin Observer, where friends and families of guests doing Dolphin Discovery, Dolphin Adventure and Dolphin Trek learn more about dolphins from the trainers as they watch from the sidelines


Dolphin VIP, where guests can customize a private experience with the dolphins, may it be shallow or deep water interaction; Trainer For A Day, where guests can experience animal-husbandry first-hand, spend a day with Marine Mammal Trainers and go behind-the-scenes for a closer look at how the dolphins are cared for.


And my pick, the Dolphin Encounter, where guests stay by the edge of the lagoon and interact with dolphins from there. Now I know it doesn’t sound as exciting as the other activities, but we were pressed for time but I actually enjoyed giving the dolphins a belly rub lol. Aside from that, we had a trainer with us who taught us how to do certain cues which the dolphins understand and respond to. It was such a fun and engaging experience. I’ll make sure to try the other activities soon!


Dolphins are so smart and positive to be around–it’s infectious! Couldn’t help but take a selfie with this one.


Dolphin Island also introduced us to the latest addition to their family, this cute female dophin calf!  I wonder if they have a name for her yet.


After our fun interaction with the dolphins, we headed straight to Adventure Cove Waterpark for an afternoon of fun!


Adventure Cove Waterpark has 6 waterslides and many other attractions. Upon entering the waterpark, you will be greeted by the Adventure River wherein you can jump onto an inner tube and float down the 620-meter river and go with the flow.


The Adventure River takes guests through 14 stunning scenes, including breathtaking vistas of tropical jungles, canyons, gardens and grotto caves.


If you’re hesitant about getting into the “river” and feeling like you don’t wanna finish the whole stretch, don’t worry, there are many exits every now and then, especially near the rides.


Some of my favorite slides include the Whirlpool Washout, the Spiral Washout, Pipeline Plunge, Tidal Twister, Dueling Racer and my absolute favorite, Riptide Rocket. It is Southeast Asia’s first hydro-magnetic coaster. Vina and I didn’t know what it was so we were completely blown away when we were sliding uphill and experiencing sudden drops. It was so much fun! Too bad most slides doesn’t allow bringing GoPros/waterproof cameras.


The Big Bucket Treehouse was surprisingly fun. There are brimming giant buckets everywhere that tips over gallons of water.


There are food stalls and refreshments scattered around the waterpark so no need to worry about getting hungry or thirsty!


Vina and I got drained from riding the waterslides (but mostly from laughing lol), we jumped into the lazy river to relax.


Adventure Cove Waterpark is actually a nice idea for a date, believe it or not. Haha. Nothing beats acting like kids again and forgetting about work even just for a little while. Vina and I had the most amazing time!


We were lucky that there weren’t a lot of people when we went. Maybe it was because of the haze!


We had the place all to ourselves. Ahhhh…


Well, almost. We did not expect we would pass through a surround aquarium filled with manta rays! This one really knows how to steal a show.


We were like 6-year olds when we came across these beautiful creatures! Haha Vina was so happy!


Another thing I noticed about Adventure River is that there are lifeguards at every spot of the lazy river. I think we passed by 30 of them! Bawal mag PDA! Haha just kidding guys!


My favorite part of the Adventure River! I didn’t want it to end so at the end of the surround aquarium Vina and I would fight the current while carrying our tubes just so we could experience it again. Haha!


Perfect for Pinoys–para sa mga ayaw umitim! Haha!


Our last stop was Splashworks wherein you can do cliff diving, wild rope swings, walking the balance beam with a 13-foot deep pool awaiting you below. Too bad we couldn’t bring our GoPros as well. So we made Rainbow Reef our last stop!


You can snorkel and enjoy up-close encounters over the colorful corals with some 20,000 friendly fishes.


My hair seems to be waterproof haha!


Check out how colorful those fishes are!


I was taking my time because you can go on your own pace, without any time limit. But once you finish the whole lap, snorkelling fun’s over lol.


Last look before I say goodbye to the fishes…


There you have it! Thank you so much Adventure Cove Waterpark and Resorts World Sentosa for showing us a splashing good time! I’ll definitely bring my family here!

Just a few tips:

  • The waterpark does not provide towels so you better bring your own.
  • You have to rent a locker for your belongings so I suggest that you bring a small bag because a small locker costs $10 and the large one is $20.
  • Rent the lockers near the wave pool area so that you’re closer to most of the slides and other attractions.

Adventure Cove Waterpark is open from Monday-Sunday, 10am to 6pm. Admission ticket costs $36 for adults, $26 for kids and seniors.

Photos by me | Taken using my GoPro Hero 4
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