Sweet Mornings | An Epicurean Experience with Julie’s



Sweets for breakfast? Yes please. Just one of those lazy Sundays wherein I had no plans for the day but sleep, catch up on my favorite TV series (and noon time shows lol) while eating my favorite comfort food. My family and friends know how much of a sweet tooth I am so I always have a stash of my favorite sweets (I hope my gym trainer isn’t reading this). I recently made a great discovery about two of my favorite products coming together to deliver smiles in every bite.

Julie’s–baked with love, and always with its consumers at heart. Loved for its unique and high quality cookie range, Julie’s is also Malaysia’s number 1 exporter of confectionary cookies. And Hershey’s–the brand that’s been delivering pure happiness for over a century. The name synonymous with quality and also America’s number 1 chocolate. I love Hershey’s so much I named my dog after it!

Both brands who share the same ideals and values coming together to create something awesome. For Julie’s Hershey’s, it’s about bringing sensational, mind-blowing and delicious ideas to life. Baked with love and filled with smiles.

A couple of weeks ago I got to experience a gastronomic feast of sweet and savory delights prepared by Your Local. We also got to try the new Julie’s Hershey’s cookies, a delicious line of high quality snacks. We all indulged in a unique 3-course meal exclusively concocted by Your Local. Including two unique desserts where the cookies were specially incorporated. Let’s get started.

DSC01536AAAAppetizer: Salmon Crudo with coconut, cane vinegar and herbs. My family and friends know how addicted I am with salmon so this was the perfect starter for me. Something simple, straightforward and hits the spot just right. A little tease of what’s to come for the main course!

DSC01555AAAMain Course: 12 Hour Sous Vide Texas Wagyu, pickled shitake, horseradish and fried olive orzo. Sounds fancy, huh? This dish got my attention the moment it was served. The messy plating, the mix of colors, it was truly a feast for the eyes. The tender wagyu steak was already striped into pieces–making my life easier as all I had to do was to put it in my mouth lol. I was also surprised to find out that we were actually eating pasta and not rice! Orzo is actually a form of short-cut pasta, shaped like a large grain of rice. Cool!


I know you’re wondering how this photo was taken…


Dessert: Chocolate Chip Hazelnut Truffles with white chocolate ganache, matcha and chocolate fudge cookie spread. The white chocolate ganache was too good, I had to steal some from Vina’s plate! The cookie spread was made of Julie’s Hershey’s cookies. Yum!


Dessert #2: Chocolate Chip Hazelnut Mint Ice Cream Waffle Sandwich. Wait, what? We get to enjoy two dessert dishes in one sitting? What a time to be alive! lol. They used the Julie’s Hershey’s chocolate waffle for this (my personal favorite).


The new Julie’s Hershey’s cookies come in six varieties: Chocolate chip, chocolate chip oat, chocolate chip hazelnut, chocolate fudge, chocolate fudge vanilla-flavoured and chocolate waffle. 

Photos by me
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