Since the emergence of technology, being idle has become a thing of the past.  Everywhere we go, people seem to be always onto something. There are errands to accomplish, mails and feeds to check and deadlines to meet. That’s a good thing, of course. I truly believe that an idle hand is an idle mind.

During times like these when the day just seem full, I crave for something fun and entertaining while allowing me to be my creative self. Believe me, we all have it in us. Trying something new every once in a while helps keep my creative juices flowing and so when I feel like living like a high roller, I Just Roll It!


I’m talking about the newest online board game in the country, Just Roll It! This exciting game can be played on the PC with groups of 4 players as a free for all individual game or as teams of 2 in a team battle. You can play Just Roll It as one of the many colorful characters and travel the world to buy up properties and build a real estate empire. Imagine that!  Just use your monopoly of the real-estate market to collect rent from other players who land on your properties and force them into bankruptcy to win the game!


But this isn’t the  board game of old.  In Just Roll It, each character has special abilities to help you manipulate dice rolls or give you extra luck to turn the tide on your favor.  These abilities can be further augmented by increasing your character’s level, equipping lucky charms and special dice.


That’s not all, for a limited time, you can live like a high roller online and be rich in real life for playing Just Roll It.  Players can stand a chance to win at least P1,000 daily from a monthly prize pool of P62,000.  While you’re at it, you can also qualify to join a weekly and monthly raffle over 3 months to win part of a total prize pool of P1M! Oh, in case you’re wondering where I am. I am currently stuck in the airport because my flight to Cebu got delayed for 4 hours. 4 hours! Good thing I have my game with me–I was in the zone and playing like crazy–until my laptop’s battery died.


Download to join the latest online craze and start rolling!

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Photos by Hezron Peralta | Taken using Fujifilm X-T10
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