Here’s a more personal and detailed version of my recent trip to Shanghai. I was invited by Converse to be the blogger correspondent for the global launch of the Chuck II along with Callalily vocalist Kean Cipriano, singer/actress Julie Anne San Jose and supermodel/entrepreneur/host Georgina Wilson.

I have tons of photos to share with you even if I was just in Shanghai for a night. I couldn’t post real-time updates because Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are all blocked in Shanghai. Like I said in my previous post, everything was happening so fast that it was almost difficult to wrap my head around the whole experience. But nevertheless, it’s always a fun experience and I’m very honoured to take part in this event! Here are 60+ photos of my trip (thanks to the quality of iPhone cameras for making it easier for bloggers to shoot content haha). Enjoy this visual diary!


MONDAY | 10:05 am – Early bird at the airport, as usual. Brought a few of my travel essentials with me: my Victorinox hand carry luggage, my Borders personalized passport holder, Urban Outfitters hat, my favorite pair of rugged jeans and of course, my comfy and beat up pair of Chuck Taylors.


2:30 pm – Touchdown, Shanghai! I kind of regret wearing this outfit as it was close to 40 degrees when we arrived in the city. Whew! See me sweating buckets in this outfit post here.


3:40 pm – Checking in from the beautiful Andaz Xintiandi Hotel in Songshan Road. Shanghai is indeed a modern city! Just look at the architecture of this building!


4:00 pm – While waiting to check in at the hotel, I didn’t waste anytime and took photos for my blog! Found this cool spot at the balcony of Andaz. Not bad!


4:10 pm – Settled in my  lofty room in Shanghai. Can I just stay here forever?


Compliments of the hotel–some chocolate bars, tea, chips and White Rabbit. LOL I missed these!


4:30 pm – We were given 15 minutes to leave our luggage, freshen up and get ready for the event! I did everything in 10 minutes and even had free time to do a flatlay. *emoji salsa dance*


5:20 pm – Driving to dinner and found this cool alley! It’s like a scene from Karate Kid! Mr. Haaaaan!!!


Shanghai is known as China’s commercial hub, where art and craftsmanship has traditionally thrived alongside business.


5:40 pm – Arrived at our dinner place! I forgot the name of the restaurant but it looks pretty darn cool! If I was a local in Shanghai I’d definitely hang out here.


This place is fulfilling all my Instagram dreams~


6:30 pm – I was hoping they would serve Chinese food (Shanghai rolls to be specific lol) but anyway, food is food! Haha dinner was amazing nevertheless!


This place reminds me of Hole in the Wall in Century Mall, don’t you agree?


7:05 pm – Amazing dinner with my co-ambassadors Georgina Wilson, Kean Cipriano and Julie Anne San Jose. They’re all successful in their own fields yet so down-to-earth! Always love surrounding myself with these kinds of people.


7:30 pm – Yeahhh I’d tap that. Haha time for some local beer before heading to the Chuck II launch!


I ordered 2 because I was curious by how their local beers taste like!


8:30 pm – We’re finally here at the Chuck II launch! Woot! They transformed the Shanghai Stadium into a very cool-looking warehouse. They have these steel sliding doors which almost feels like you’re in an underground bar!


8:40 pm – There’s a cool set-up outside the main event area wherein you can play around with the Chuck II and learn more about its features. Pretty cool!


9:10 pm – With Kean Cipriano and Julie Ann San Jose. We can’t keep our cool anymore! We all want a pair of Chuck II!


9:25 pm – There it is, the Chuck II. A moment of silence, please.


9:30 pm – Each one of us wanted our own pair!


What I like about the Chuck II is that it retained the iconic Chuck Taylor All Star silhouette but with a Nike Lunarlon sockliner for cushioning and arch support. I’m a huge supporter of aesthetic, stylish pieces that doesn’t compromise comfort. Thank you Converse for listening to the needs of the millennials!


10:11 pm – The best part of the night. Everyone in the event gets a box each containing a pair of the Chuck II. Heck yes. I feel like I’m in an Oprah show!!


10:20 pm – Happily trying on a pair of the Chuck II. It feels like Christmas morning!


10:30 pm – Julie and Kean having fun with these trippy lights scattered all over the Shanghai Stadium!


10:45 pm – The Converse Philippine team wore their Chuck II pairs right away!


11:00 pm – Cool set-up, Converse!


11:05 – The Shanghai Stadium was filled with visual displays of amazing artworks by renowned Philadelphia street painter Stephen Powers (ESPO) and graffiti artist KRINK. This was also our “arena” for our paint party!


11:10 pm – Time to wear our hazmat suits, goggles and masks!


11: 15 pm – Just look at me (rightmost) looking like Baymax. *tears*


11:20 pm – Julie, Kean and I are ready to throw some paint!


11:30 pm – Time to battle it out! We had so much fun firing paints on random people haha!


11:40 pm – The squad! I really love how Converse encourages our generation to be creative–and have fun doing it. This was definitely a first for me!


The new Fall 2015 Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II is now available for a retail price of Php 3,990 for ox and hi-top at Converse retail stores, select retailers and online at Converse.com.ph, in the following colors: Black, White, Red and Blue.


The Chuck Taylor All Star II is designed to meet the demands of the creative lifestyle and is built for the next generation of self-expression.  Let me take another photo at this very cool wall…


11:58 pm – Converse loves music. All kinds of music. From pop, punk to hardcore hip-hop to indie to rockabilly. So it was only fitting that the whole night was filled with amazing live music by Shanghai’s best artists!


TUESDAY | 12:50 am – Ahhhh, enjoying some alone time at the hotel. I ended the day with the most relaxing hot bath ever. P.S. You can change the color of the lights in the bathroom! 


1:30 am – Check out how beautiful this room is! I was so tired but I managed to take a decent pic of my bed haha! Crashing in 3…2….1….


8:10 am – Good morning, Shanghai!


8:30 am – Finally, Chinese food! Woke up extra early so I could make it for the buffet breakfast haha! Finally got to try those authentic Shanghai rolls…


9:40 am – Time for a morning swim. Yay for indoor swimming pools!


The elevators in our hotel are filled with all these quirky buttons! Cool right?


Art is everywhere in Shanghai!


10:50 am – Strolling around the streets of Shanghai. Wearing my trusty pair of Chuck Taylor sneakers, of course!


11:05 am – Spotted some locals rocking their Converse sneakers!


Lost in translation…


11:3o am –  The Bund is a waterfront area in central Shanghai. It usually refers to the buildings and wharves on this section of the road, as well as some adjacent areas. It is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Shanghai!


Conversations with Julie. Her story about how she started with her career was really inspiring, I must say.  She’s very cool and humble as well!


Shanghai is known as the Paris of the East. I really thought I was in Paris for a moment while I was walking here! If it weren’t for those Chinese road signs, I would’ve mistaken this place as a European country!


11:40 am – Chilling at People’s Park in my Converse sneakers.


12 noon – Our next stop was The Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA).


MoCa is a private museum centrally located in People’s Park on West Nanjing Road. MoCA Shanghai is committed to promote contemporary art and design, with an aim to cultivate the appreciation of contemporary art and design for the general public. It’s our mission to introduce arts to the public and foster cultural exchange between Shanghai and the world.


Such an interesting artwork!


MoCA Shanghai holds various contemporary art and design exhibitions all year round on the first and second floor which is fully equipped with humidity and temperature control system.


Playing with projections! Thank you Jeffrey of Converse for this sick shot!


MoCA Shanghai’s goal is to showcase exhibitions with diversity and richness, establish the concept of ‘art for the people’, continue the support of young artists; and promote art education.


There’s a corner in the museum filled with bean bags. Not sure if it’s one of the art installations or a lounge haha!


1:40 pm – Julie and I are so ready for lunch.


Even though Shanghai is known as an international metropolis and China’s commercial hub, I’m pretty impressed that there are a lot of green spaces all over the city.


2:10 pm – Finally time for lunch! The wait was worth it as we were served every Chinese dish possible.  The food just kept coming!


Look, it’s a buchi–but shaped like a pizza!!!


3:30 pm – Enjoying my last meal in Shanghai before we head to the airport…


5:10 pm – Not ready to leave Shanghai just yet.


5:30 pm – So long, Shanghai! A big thank you to Converse for this amazing opportunity! I am forever grateful! Next stop–Indonesia!

Photos taken using my #SmartiPhone6
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