We had a pretty tight schedule in Daegu to the point that shooting my outfits for the blog needed to be done in 3 minutes or less. This particular outfit was shot in less than 2 minutes, all the other tourists were waiting at the bus and the tour guide was kind of getting annoyed at me already. But my outfit was on point so they would just have to wait. LOL I’m kidding.

We went to this beautiful, quiet village called Otgol wherein it was named for its concave topographical features, as three sides (except for the southern side) are surrounded by a mountain. Others believe that the name derives from the groves of lacquer trees (locally called otnamu) in the nearby mountains and fields. Otgol is the clan village of the Gyeongju Choi family, who settled with the arrival of Choi Dong-jip, a scholar in the mid-Joseon era who came and established himself in the area. Currently, there are 40 residents who live in the 20 houses here.

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Overcoat (Zara Man) | White Button Down (Human) | Black Sweater (MNL LA) | Leather Cross-Body Bag (Ilustrados) | Leatherette Pants (Topman) | Beanie (Sinstar UK) | Sneakers (New Balance)

Photos by Gigi Yia
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