Just a quick personal update from my festival weekend in Davao with SMART! I was down with a flu the whole week which made me miss a lot of events and even force me to cancel my trip to Masbate. According to my doctor, I caught a virus from one of my trips and was advised to drop everything I needed to do and just rest. A day before my scheduled trip to Davao I tried convincing my doctor to allow me to go. With a few conditions he finally gave in so I got to experience my very first Kadayawan festival! Woot!

Kadayawan is an annual festival in Davao which happens every third week of August. The festival honors Davao’s artistic, cultural and historical heritage, its past personified by the ancestral Lumad people, its people as they celebrate on the streets, and its floral industry as its representatives parade in full regalia in thanksgiving  for the gifts of nature, the wealth of culture, the bounties of harvest and serenity of living. The festivities are highlighted with floral floats, street-dancing competitions and exhibits that showcases the island’s tourism products and services. Of course, SMART always throws the best parties–I wouldn’t miss it for anything! Here’s a rundown of how my trip went!


Finally up in the air after getting held off at the airport because I needed to get a medical clearance to prove that I was “healthy” enough to be traveling. What an experience!


First thing that welcomed us upon arriving in Davao was well, the smell of durian. It’s either you love it, or you hate it. Nothing in between. I personally like it because it’s creamy and you can’t really compare it to anything else.


We were all starving so we hurried to this random restaurant in Davao. Just wanted to share this picture of what seems to be the saddest looking bunch of scallops you will ever see. Ha!


We weren’t solved with lunch so we went to Lachi’s for some delicious sans rival! Make sure you try their Five Chocolate Torte cake as well! Too good.


Choose your potion…


After taking a 2-hour nap, we made our way to the Invasion party! Woot!


DJ Inno and I getting pumped up for the party by hanging out at the Spinnr booth!


We went to the party a little early (around 9:30pm) because we wanted to make the most of the night since we heard that there’s a 2am curfew in Davao. We killed some time first at the SMART Dome!


Party time with my SMART fam!


DJ Ace Ramos killing it, as always! (P.S. How cool is the stage setup?)


Partying it up with Nix and Inno!


My favorite DJ Nix Damn P playing some sick hip-hop beats! We lived all out that night thanks to SMART!


Day 2 in Davao. We started the day a bit late so we rushed to the city proper to catch the street dance competition. See the complete list of brands of this look here.


Some of the groups waiting for their turn to perform! Happy Kadayawan, Davao!


Death by crustaceans. Had the most amazing lunch at Blueposts Boiling Crab & Shrimps! I didn’t feel too good after though. Nevertheless, it was worth it!


After taking another nap (lol just following my doctor’s advice), we headed out to have dinner with these Davaoeño bloggers! A big thank you to SMART for bringing us together. It was awesome meeting people who share the same passion.


I think I had about 3 cups of rice because the laing was just too good. Gahh.


Dessert buffet a Lachi’s. YUM.


Spent my last night in Davao at the Invasion after-party at Club Echelon! Supported my bro Inno who was one of the DJs at the party. Good times!

I had a fun and chill Kadayawan experience. Next time I’ll make sure to explore more of the city and less napping in my hotel room. Haha! Also, can I just say how crazy fast the LTE service in Davao is? I didn’t even bother connecting to the wifi of the hotel or the restaurants that we went to! I was able to do real-time postings of my trip thanks to the fast, reliable service and of course, Smart Free IG! You can learn more about it here. Happy Kadayawan, Davao!

Next stop–Masskara! 

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