There’s something about Korea and love at first sights. Remember the scene from the popular K-Drama “Love Rain” wherein Seo In-ha passes by Kim Yoon-hee at Keimyung University and falls in love with her in just 3 seconds? I had the same feeling when I saw the charming city of Daegu. But let me ask you, did you ever consider booking a trip to Daegu? Heck, do you even know where Daegu is? Let’s be frank here, Seoul is always the first city on our mind when we think of traveling to South Korea. Next on our list would probably be Jeju Island, correct? After been given five days to explore Daegu (the 3rd largest city in Korea), I can honestly say that you should definitely reconsider going here.

Nestled in the southeastern part of the Korean peninsula with a population of 2.5 million, Daegu is a city with a rich history of Korean tradition and cultural heritage. Strong in such industries as fashion and textiles, machinery, medicine and optical products–Daegu has so much to offer.

What’s special about touring Daegu is they offer a lot of engaging hands-on experience tours such as rice cake making, kimchi making, wearing a traditional Korean hanbok, learning how to properly drink tea, archery, foot bath, even learning how to survive a subway fire and an earthquake! I also love the fact that since it’s not as popular as Seoul yet, you won’t see a lot of tourists on the streets. I had a peaceful tour of Daegu and I loved it. This is also something that I look forward to as a blogger as I want to offer something different to my readers. Wether if you’re into Koreanovelas, KPOP, food, fashion, nature or hiking, you will surely find something that tickles your fancy in Daegu. Here’s a rundown of my trip as captured on my camera and iPhone. Enjoy!

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Learn more about Daegu here.

Photography by me | Outfit Photos by Gigi Yia and Sean Lee
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