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To survive in today’s fast-paced and highly demanding world, we all have to be smart to survive. Smart about our decisions, smart about the daily choices we make, smart about how we conduct yourselves or simply put, living a Smart Life!

We all have our own set of tasks and responsibilities and at the end of the day, we all want to be productive but still find time to enjoy life. We want to be able to go back to bed and say I was able to live all out!

As for me, I try my best to balance work and play. And it’s not that hard to do when you have SMART, the leader in mobile that makes life better with meaningful innovations. Thanks to their efficient LTE connection I am able to outsmart traffic using Waze, book my car service sans the hassle using Uber, listen to my favorite artists (currently obsessed with Chris Brown’s new music!) using Spinnr! And just recently, I discovered that I can now have entertainment anywhere and watch movies and TV shows on my mobile using iflix, a subscription video on-demand service that offers blockbuster and classic movies! To add to that, FOX International is also available! It’s like having cable service on my mobile device!

Aside from having entertainment anywhere, shopping and payment are made easy with Smart Life’s Charge2Phone service, it is the country’s first sticker-based contactless payment solution- your mobile phone turned into a credit card plus, there is no need to sign sales slips! Just stick, tap and shop! It is the new smart way to pay!

Love that through SMART, we can do our day to day tasks and still be connected, efficient and entertained all at the same time! There’s no other way to live but to live all out and to live the Smart Life!


THURSDAY | 3:20pm – Went on a little cruise for the opening of the new seaside terminal in Esplanade. Planning a trip to Corregidor very soon! I’m stoked!


Nautical noms at the Esplanade Seaside Terminal opening.


4:30pm – Manila looks like NYC from this view, don’t you think? Haha!


5:40pm – I booked an Uber ride going to my next meeting. It’s so convenient!


7:05 pm – Meeting with one my favorite brands! Can’t wait to spill the beans on this one!


8:50 pm – After my dinner meeting, I headed to the Palladium store to check out their new collection. This one is called the “macaron” collection! Yum.


I love using my #SmartiPhone6 when taking photos for Instagram. It’s fast and the photos are always crisp and vivid. I’ll share with you my favorite editing apps soon!


Gearing up for the rainy season…


11:50pm – Weekly hangout with the barkada at Tipple & Slaw! Yes, sometimes we have dress codes. Haha!


FRIDAY | 2:40 pm – Went to the opening of the Wonder Photo Shop studio in UP Town Center!


How cute are these Instax mascots?


7:10 pm – Went to Original Penguin to look for the perfect Father’s Day present!


I ended up buying stuff for myself lol


10:30 pm – Pre-gaming at Finders Keepers. I love the vibe here!


11:40 pm – Black Market for hip-hop night! We love going to Black Market because we feel that it’s unpretentious. You can wear whatever you want and be whoever you want to be and no one would judge you. That night I saw a bunch of office guys partying (while carrying their laptop bags) and another group of people all wearing raincoats haha!


SATURDAY | 10:15 am – Gearing up for a long day. The secret to any lazy day outfit is to add a hat. It instantly makes the whole look 10x more stylish!


10:30 am – Went to the opening of Costa Coffee in Eastwood. So happy it’s finally here!


Taking photos for my Instagram! So happy it’s now FREE for all Smart subscribers!


Catching up with Laureen over some really good coffee!


12:25 noon – Lunch at Fish & Co. The fish and chips + peri-peri chicken were the bomb.


Listening to my favorite songs via Spinnr!


Currently hooked with Chris Malinchak…and Chris Brown. Haha! How about you guys? What’s on your playlist right now?


1 pm: I rushed to Taguig to attend the Christening of my nephew Mauro. Yes, I am still my blogger self even in occasions like these lol.


2:30 pm – Dropped by the Aerospace Museum. Didn’t know we have this in Manila!


3:40 pm – Attended my nephew’s 7th birthday party! Tito David is on a roll! Haha!


I joined a bunch of games just so I could win these bags. Haha!


4:50 pm – Changed into something formal and rushed to Casa Real to attend my friend’s wedding.


Cheese be with you…


SUNDAY | 11:40 am – Happy Father’s Day! My dad wore the button down I gave him, woot!


12:15 noon – Lunch at my favorite–Shrimp Bucket! So. Good.


1:20 pm – Desserts at Rita’s. Sharing everything online thanks to FREE Instagram! You can enjoy sharing your most meaningful moments with up to 200MB of FREE Instgram with SMART’s top Prepaid and Postpaid offers. More details here.


4:30 pm – Changed into something more casual for a day out with the kids.


11:30 pm – I surprised my nephew Daniel with his favorite Vanilla ice cream just a few minutes before his birthday. I came home late and 711 was the only store open haha!


MONDAY | 2:40 pm – Spent the whole morning attending meetings and running errands.


4:10 pm – Bonding with the birthday boy!


7:25 pm – Grocery time at S&R.


TUESDAY | 8:30 am – Always relying on Waze whenever I’m on the road because it takes you the best route for you to outsmart traffic! So far I’ve always had a good experience with it. Sometimes it takes you to these small streets and you end up being too early for your appointments! Haha it’s the best feeling ever.


9:40 am – 30 minutes early for my meeting–I owe my life to Waze!


12:15 noon – Amazing lunch at 8 Cuts Burger Blends. Yum.


2:30 pm – Tito duties. Got my nieces and nephews new schoolbags! Thank you Bratpack!


Isn’t Ellie baby the cutest? She loves her new Flossy footwear too!


8:30 pm – Trying out strEAT in Maginhawa!


I think I tried about 3 different dishes here! Can’t wait to go back!


Also got a burrito from Mexikombi. A must try!


WEDNESDAY | 12 noon – I was supposed to hit the gym but then I ended up going to TGI Friday’s with my friends. *Sigh*


7:57 pm – Downloaded idlix on my Smart iPhone 6! So excited to stream my favorite TV series and movies! Woot!


9:30 pm – As always, we were the earliest ones in Finders Keepers. Haha!




11:50 pm – Headed to Black Market (again) for hip-hop night!


THURSDAY |  10:30 am – Waiting for my flight to Singapore for an event! Bye guys!

There’s my schedule for the week! I’m happy that I live a life on the go with convenience and ease. I can take entertainment with me wherever I go and have a peace of mind because I live a Smart Life. Do you? Check out SMART’s website to know more:

Entertainment Everywhere | Convenience Everywhere | Peace of Mind Everywhere


Photos taken using my #SmartiPhone6
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