Location: NEW YORK

My first day in NYC started out with an early meeting at the Original Penguin headquarters. Being a huge supporter of the brand, it was an absolute honor to be given the opportunity to meet the amazing and talented team behind it. Being in New York is an almost overwhelming experience. I had to pinch myself a few times as it still hasn’t sinked in that I was finally in NYC. Another thing was jet lag started to kick in and I would fall asleep in the middle of answering emails or watching Broadway shows. You could say that it was a mix of different feelings, for sure.

I’ve been saving this beautiful quilted jacket for quite some time, I knew that the busy streets of New York would be the perfect backdrop for this outfit. It was quite overwhelming to be standing between the Rockefeller Centre and Saks Fifth Avenue. Both such iconic places–especially if you grew up watching Home Alone. This was the place where Kevin McCallister reunites with her mom. Okay, I should stop now…Hope you guys like this outfit!

DSC02629A TESTING DSC02681 DSC02619 DSC02665A DSC02607 DSC02692 DSC02606 DSC02691A DSC02620 DSC02695 DSC02617 DSC02650A

Quilted Jacket (Original Penguin) | Button Down (Original Penguin) | Brown Leather Belt (Zara Man) | Trousers (H&M) | Leather Bag (Toscano) | Brogues (Perry Ellis)

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