Location: NEW YORK

It wasn’t all fun and play when I visited New York City, there was work involved but to be honest, I find it really hard to delineate work from play because I am having so much fun with what I do for a living.

As you may know, I am a brand ambassador and staunch supporter of Original Penguin in the Philippines and was very eager to check out their headquarters and stores in the US. Special thanks to the Anthem Group for arranging my visit to their beautiful headquarters and for giving me the privilege of meeting the Creative Team behind this fashionable and iconic lifestyle brand.

I went to their office at the Hippodrome at the Avenue of the Americas. It is right next to my 2nd favorite park in NYC, Bryant Park and the iconic and picturesque New York Public Library. Yes, that’s where I took most of my outfit shots!

I met the Creative Team and I must say they are really cool! If ever I do get a corporate job in the future, I’d love to be part of that kind of team! Funny, laidback, ultra-talented and brimming with ideas! They briefly shared with me how they come up with themes/ideas for their mood boards and it’s pretty hilarious! It’s weird but it works! They welcome and toured me in their beautiful office, introduced me to the whole team, and best of all, gave me an exclusive sneak peek at their new collection! I can’t wait for the new collection to hit the shores of Manila!

I loved the brand even more when I had an appreciation of how much thought, energy and effort is exerted to come up with a new collection. They come up with the most original ideas for an original and respected brand. I don’t know about you but I am proud to don the penguin emblem each time I wear their clothes. I also love that the brand promotes individuality, uniqueness, pride and most importantly, being an original.

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