Location: HONG KONG

This week we launched the fourth leg of The Filo Bloggers United. To those who aren’t familiar, The Filo Bloggers United is a collaboration between five (5) Filipino menswear bloggers wherein we agree on a specific theme each month and we do our own interpretation by coming up with a look on our respective blogs. The idea of this little project of ours is to see how each blogger is different from the other–and of course, give you options when dressing up. Let’s face it, you might be a loyal reader of my blog but you’re not really able to relate to my style. This is when The Filo Bloggers United comes in.

Paul Ramos (UAE) is dapper and sophisticated, Kiko Cagayat (Japan) is more edgy and experimental, AJ Dee (Manila) is preppy and more tailored and Denny Balmaceda (New York) is more casual and quirky. This month we all agreed that we do our own take on *drum roll* — shorts! I know it might be a bit too late since summer is officially over in The Philippines…but it’s still summer somewhere, right? Ha! I took the challenge with me to my recent trip to Hong Kong. It was 33 degrees outside and shorts was the only way to go. I wore a busy-looking outfit to match the busy streets of Hong Kong. Grid patterns and coordinates are the few trends that I currently like.

Let me know what you think about this look and please suggest what our next theme should be by commenting below!

DSC08206AAA DSC08118 DSC08122AAA DSC08110 DSC08152AAA DSC08111 DSC08219A

Grid Blazer (Zara Man) | Grid Shirt (Zara Man) | Grid Tailored Shorts (Zara Man) | White Watch (Uniqlo) Black Leather Bag (Ilustrados) | White Sneakers (Piola)

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