Location: NEW YORK

Take the express back to a bygone era. The Grand Central Terminal remains to be one of the best architectural wonders of the world. Upon setting foot inside the terminal, I couldn’t help but picture tons of movie scenes in my head (The Avengers, I Am Legend, Superman and Step Up to name a few).

Commonly referred to as ‘Grand Central Station,’ the iconic terminal is a famous NYC landmark in Midtown Manhattan. It is one of the most recognized train stations in the world: The Beaux Arts building is both an architectural icon and a pop-culture mainstay. It covers 48 acres and has 44 platforms, more than any other railroad station in the world. Its platforms, all below ground, serve 41 tracks on the upper level and 26 on the lower, though the total number of tracks along platforms and in rail yards exceeds 100.

Standing in the middle of the terminal was really an overwhelming experience–and a little annoying for the New Yorkers seeing so many tourists (myself included) stroll around and take tons of photos in the middle of rush hour. I spent a good hour here observing the locals, appreciating the beautiful architecture and knowing the history behind it.

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