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Your outfit is point, hair looks pretty damn good, you smell good then you look in the mirror and you see a huge, throbbing red (sometimes green lol ew) zit on your face. Suddenly your day is ruined. You want to scratch that zit off but you realize it’ll just make it worse. Then you decide to just stay home and let your zit heal first. Ever experienced this scenario? I’m not saying this happened to me (cuz you guys might judge me lol) but for some reason, I always get zits on very important days. I’ve experienced them all. Graduation day, a shoot, a first date, name it. It’s a curse, I tell you. A curse!! No matter how I try to avoid the matter, it still ends up bothering me. Goodbye, confidence!

I don’t get them a lot now (thank God I’m done with that phase) but for some of you who are still on your puberty stage (trying not to make this sound awkward)–zits are normal. But you can avoid it. At our age, we (we talaga) love sleeping late, eating sweets, being outdoors, partying etc, and this kind of lifestyle makes us prone to acne.


I recently started using Safeguard Derma Sense. It’s like the Safeguard soap, but for your face. Now you might be thinking, won’t this dry my skin out? Not at all. Safeguard Derma Sense is gentle and dermatologically tested to reduce mild to moderate acne by cleaning not just the skin surface but neutralizing acne-causing germs deep down the pores, giving you a healthy and beautiful skin. It contains antibacterial ingredients to address causes of acne and germs. Try it out and let me know how it works for you!

Safeguard Derma Sense is available in two variants: for acne-prone skin and for sensitive skin, both available in cleanser, body wash and bar soap forms.

For more information, like Safeguard Philippines on Facebook and watch Aryana Epperson’s video on how to prevent breakouts this season! Watch here.

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