Location: NEW YORK

There’s something about Bryant Park which I find very charming. May it be the gravel paths, the green chairs, the great lawn, the fountains, the carousel or maybe even the New Yorkers–I find it such a refreshing sight from the towering buildings in Midtown Manhattan. Located between Fifth and Sixth Avenue, Bryant Park is a social place where friends meet, eat lunch, chat, stroll, listen to music, or simply sit and think.

In the morning, the park is a quiet and peaceful place. Watch the birds swoop around and pedestrians walk by the Empire State Building, and the New York Public Library. During lunchtime, hundreds of office workers gather for lunch while basking in the sun. Bryant Park is a true urban oasis and I can’t wait to go back to NYC soon!

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Trench Coat (H&M) | White Button Down (Original Penguin) | Leather Bag (Ilustrados) | Ripped Denim (H&M) | Shoes (Hawkins)

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