I spent the whole week in Los Angeles for a quick vacation after my work in New York and a day trip in Washington. I love how each city has its own charm–New York is fast-paced and busy, Washington is quiet and intimidating and Los Angeles is more laid-back and cool. I booked a simple yet cozy Airbnb apartment right in the heart of Sunset and Hollywood Boulevard. I felt right at home thanks to our wonderful host Roy and this new app I’m hooked with–it’s as if like I brought home with me. Let me tour you around my little LA apartment!


6:15am: Must. Wake. Up.


Good morning, LA!


I have no idea how these things work, so let me just photograph them…


Our AirBnB host sure knows how to make their guests feel at home. He filled the fridge with so much food and drinks. I didn’t have to worry about heading out early in the morning to look for a breakfast place! Thanks, Roy!


7:25am: Bagels and OJ for breakfast. Plus a cameo of my dirty sneakers.


8:03am: Feeling a bit homesick. I’ve been away from home for 2 months and Skype Qik is the one thing that brings me closer to my family and friends. Skype Qik is a new video messaging app that gives you a totally effortless way to capture the moment, share laughs, and chat with groups of friends. It allows you to exchange instant and quick video messages for free. You can capture videos that are up to 40 seconds long and send them to your loved ones!


Skype Qik is fun and easy to navigate. I love the it’s something mobile and lightweight and as spontaneous as messaging but as intimate as calling. I have been doing a tour of my apartment and the places I’ve been seeing in LA and my mom and sister sends me videos of my dog, my bed, etc. Haha!

IMG_4685 IMG_4693

Just a photo of my luggage. And another hat. I have nothing better to do.


Yes, I brought many hats.


9:22am: Answering emails and drafting blog posts for the week. Wow I feel so productive today.


I had to teach my mom how to use the app before I left for the states and she loved it! She says she’s really enjoying it especially because it’s not complicated. The app is so easy to use and navigate!


Skype Qik is launched in the Philippines in partnership with Smart. All SMART users get to download and use Skype Qik free of data charges for three months. This promo only applies to Android and iOS, by the way!


10:03am: Off to see Los Angeles!

Bored at work? Enjoying a rave party? Traveling abroad? Go on, share it right from your phone. You’d be surprised how quickly a short video can turn into a great conversation. Download the app for FREE on your desktop, Android or iOS!

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