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I am leaving for another trip this week and while I was packing earlier, I thought it would be nice to share with you my in-flight grooming essentials. I learn something each time I travel, what I should’ve packed and which items make the cut.

  • Toothbrush (I like brushing my teeth during a long-haul flight)
  • Eyeglasses
  • Hair wax
  • Lip Balm (for some reason, my lips get really dry whenever I travel)
  • Contact lens (don’t judge my case)
  • Travel size facial wash
  • Perfume
  • Eye drops
  • Advil
  • OraCare mouthwash

There you have it! Am I forgetting anything? Let me know by commenting below! Anyway, since we we talked about OraCare here and in my previous post, thought I’d share with you what went down at the OraCare event last month. Teen Queen Kathryn Bernardo was recently named as the brand ambassador for OraCare Mouthrinse, giving a face to the brand’s newest campaign “It’s Real Good for Me.” She is perfect for the brand because she is a self-confessed “OC” when it comes to her hygiene, especially her oral health. The 19-year-old actress says that the reason she accepted the project right away is because she really trusts the brand, which is now on its 10th year in the market.

The brand’s newest campaign with Kathryn aims to inspire the younger generation to be conscious about their oral hygiene as early as possible and adopt the habit of choosing things that will be good for them. It will provide them with that extra boost of confidence to achieve more awesome things in life.

At an early age, Kathryn knows what she wants and what’s good for her — things that will help her achieve her dreams. That said, here’s a list of eight real good things for Kathryn: a good book (Nicholas Sparks books are her thing), good food (pizza and chicken are her favourites), a good workout (she focuses on core exercises–uhhh have you seen her abs?), a good pet (she’s more of a dog person), good music (she loves the calming music of Jack Johnson), good place (Kathryn is obsessed with the laid-back city of LA), a good role model (her mom), and lastly, a good mouthwash. Need I say more?

What Kathryn loves about OraCare is that it doesn’t have alcohol and the burning sensation and strong aftertaste – giving her a pleasurable gargling experience. Apart from that, she is confident that OraCare provides her real mouth clean despite its water-like taste. It is because OraCare’s active ingredient, Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide, effectively kills bad bacteria and neutralizes volatile sulfur compounds – the main culprit behind strong mouth odors – giving her the real mouth clean she needs everyday.

Photo 3

Teen Queen Kathryn Bernardo is introduced as the newest brand ambassador of OraCare Mouthrinse.

Photo 5

Kathryn Bernardo shares her list of eight good things that makes her be the best version of herself last April 17 at the 55 Events Place, Tomas Morato, Quezon City.

Photo 6

OraCare’s Brand Manager Guia Talag shares to everyone why one should choose OraCare over alcohol-based mouthwashes.

Photo 7

The three  (From L-R: OraCare Brand Manager Guia Talag, Teen Queen Kathryn Bernardo, and oral care expert Dr. Nancy Brillo)

Photo 10

Kathryn Bernardo says that her OraCare family are so welcoming, which makes her look forward with their future projects together. (From L-R:  Senior Brand Manager Cathy Reyes, OraCare Brand Manager Guia Talag, Teen Queen Kathryn Bernado, and PascualLab’s Marketing Manager Riza Sacay)

Photo 12

OraCare Mouthrinse is awarded a Guinness World Record for Most Number of People Simultaneously Gargling with Mouthwash after beating Ontario, Canada’s former record. (From L-R:  Senior Brand Manager Cathy Reyes, OraCare Brand Manager Guia Talag, Teen Queen Kathryn Bernado, History Channel’s representative Jacquem Ruby and PascualLab’s Marketing Manager Riza Sacay.

OraCare Mouthrinse, made by Pascual Laboratories, Inc., is available at leading supermarkets and drugstores nationwide. It comes in three variants—Regular, Cool and Merrymint.

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