What makes Malasimbo so magical? I decided that I wanted to experience it at least once in my life and so I did. How timely was it that Sofitel (they have been supporting the festival ever since it started) invited me to Puerto Galera.

Getting to Puerto Galera takes a 1.5 hour bus or car trip from Manila to the Batangas port and 1 to 2 hour ferry boat ride to reach Puerto Galera. Almost all the tourists stay at White Beach and head to Mt. Malasimbo via a public jeepney (Php100). The festival grounds is situated at the foothills of the majestic Mt. Malasimbo, where its most prominent feature is that grass-terraced natural amphitheater that overlooks the bay.

I can’t seem to point my finger around it but there’s something about Malasimbo that is pure magic. It may be the scenic natural amphitheater, the beautiful art installations, the amazing lineup of talented artists, the delicious dabo dobo and kesong puti (you guys have to try it), the positive energy, or may it be the underrated beauty of Puerto Galera. I love that there’s a real-life connection that occurs when you’re in Malasimbo. A connection with the music, with nature, with the art or maybe with a stranger. It’s either you come home confused and weirded out, or you open your heart and mind and experience the magic that is Malasimbo.

So what makes Malasimbo so magical? That’s for you to find out…

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