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I document my daily outfits. I blog. I attend events. I go to meetings. I travel. In a generation wherein we want to achieve so many things and do as many things as we can, we need something that can keep up with our multi-faceted lifestyles. I got the opportunity to test-drive the Chevrolet Sonic for a whole week and I have to say, I was really impressed. It’s a versatile sub-compact sedan that’s perfect for college students and young professionals. I am looking at buying a new car this year and I’m actually considering getting a Chevy Sonic. I was thinking of getting an SUV because I need a huge space for my clothes, luggage, etc but upon seeing the Chevy Sonic, I was surprised that it offers a spacious interior room, which was unexpected for a sub-compact car. Plus, the rear seatbacks flip forward so that you have more space in the trunk! With my lifestyle, it’s kind of more convenient to drive a smaller car. In my opinion, it gets me to places quicker, easier to maneuver and squeeze myself in the horrendous EDSA traffic.

And as a bonus, the Chevy Sonic looks mighty fine. It’s stylish, spacious (I personally love the motorbike-inspired LED gauge cluster), it’s quick and easy to drive—and something that could definitely keep up to my lifestyle.

Every week I will try to come up with more personal blog posts such as this one showing what my schedule is like. You requested for it on my FAQ page so I’m making it happen! Of course, I will pick my busiest day/s of the week because yes, there are days when I am just lying in bed, eating food and watching TV the whole day. No one wants to see that. So, ever wondered what a typical day in the life of a blogger looks like?


FRIDAY | 8:30am – Woke up early, checked and replied to a couple of emails then there comes the crucial part of being a style blogger–choosing your outfit for the day. Haha! I went for ripped jeans and a light chambray. It always works!


10:20 am – Survived the traffic in EDSA and C5 thanks to the Chevrolet Sonic. I get bored easily when I drive so I save a bunch of playlists on my phone and listen to them and save the ones I like!


10:40 – On my way to the Spanish Embassy to apply for my VISA.


12 noon – Met up with a friend at Toby’s Estate and had our favorite skillets while waiting for my VISA. The suspense is killing me…


2:40 pm – Meeting with River Island for a blog collaboration. I love their new line of denim! As you’ve noticed, I’m quite obsessed with ripped jeans right now.


3:10 pm – After pullouts, I treated myself for some buttermilk chicken at Kettle. It’s so good. I didn’t care if I was eating it alone, I had this baby all to myself. LOL.


4:40 pm – I attended a pool party in Forbes with some of my blogger friends. We had a little time to relax and party before tonight’s events.


If you plan to be a full-time style blogger, expect 2-3 outfit changes in one day. LOL.


There was beer pong, DJ playing, kinect games, steak. We had a blast!


7:10pm – Attended the Style Origins Fashion Show in Greenbelt. They showcased an all menswear collection featuring the works of Joey Samson, Rhett Eala and Gian Romano.


10 pm – After attending another event in Raven for Smart, my friends and I went to City of Dreams for dinner!


Panna cotta for me!


SATURDAY | 1:20am – My first time at Chaos in City of Dreams and it is absolutely beautiful! It was extra fun that night because Cedric Gervais was playing!


4:37 am – We were all so hungry so we went to a nearby McDonald’s. Haha!


5:30 am – On my way back home. Can’t wait to get some sleep…


11:30 am – Went to the opening of Flying Dutchman. The brand started out as a smalltime online shop and now look how far they’ve come! Flying Dutchman is close to my heart because the owners/designers were my schoolmates and this was actually their thesis! Now they have two stores–one in Bluebay Walk and now they opened at UP Town Center! Check ’em out!


12:04 noon – Shooting a back-to-school story for the blog. I always shoot one for my blog using a digital camera and my phone for Instagram.


12:50 noon – I’ve been craving for this for weeks now and I was so happy that they have it in UP Town Center! Woot!


2:10 pm – Met up with my photographer Alejandro to shoot my outfit for the blog. We usually shoot around 4-5pm so that the sun is not too high nor harsh but we had a packed schedule so we had to shoot right away. Anyway, see how cool the Chevy Sonic looks! Loving the color too.


The motorbike-inspired LED gauge cluster is just too cool for words!


A sunglasses holder compartment is always a must…


The Sonic has contemporary styling and unique details in the cabin. I’m very impressed!


To those asking, I use a Sony A6000 for my blog photos. It’s small, it’s compact but it gets the job done! Just like the Chevy Sonic! *wink wink*


4:20 pm – Met up with 8 Cuts Burger Blends for a little blog collaboration. Finally, my #dglamons posts are paying off! Haha!


5:40 pm – Happy hour with clients. Haha why does this always happen?


7:05 pm – The park assist feature of the Chevy Sonic is probably my favorite feature. It’s not like those other cars that makes the camera look so wide angle to the point that the view isn’t so accurate anymore. This was just perfect for me!


7:05 pm – Attended the Veloci pool party at The Palace with a few of my blogger buddies.

Photo_12 Photo_13

9:30 pm – After the fashion show, the host called some people on stage to do some dares. Unfortunately, I was one of them and I was dared to dance on stage. Haha challenge accepted! It was embarrassing but at least I got a new watch! Haha!


10:20 pm – It has been sort of a “tradition” to meet up with my high school friends at least once or twice a week. We always go to Tipple & Slaw at The Fort because we love the music and the unpretentious vibe of the place. We hang out there A LOT. Haha!


10:50 pm – I was hungry (again) so I ordered my favorite truffle chicken at Tipple & Slaw while my friends started partying already. Haha! Sucks to have such a big appetite :(


11:45 pm – Driving the Mall of Asia concert grounds for a rave party!


SUNDAY | 1:20am – Went to Close Up Forever Summer party with the crew!

Photo_1 Photo_6

4:30am – Went to Recovery Food for some tapa because we were all starving. Imagine raving/jumping for 4 hours. Haha!


5:40am – Yet again, the Chevy Sonic is the last one standing. Haha!


SUNDAY | 9:30 am – Went to the gym for a quick workout. I need more space for food in my tummy…


11:20 am – My siblings and I organized a little party for Ellie’s 1st birthday.


What do you guys think of these octopus balloons? My family and relatives stayed up all night preparing them! Haha!


Happy birthday, baby Ellie! Isn’t she the cutest?


Looks like I’m having more fun than Ellie, haha!


3:10 pm – Sunday drive with the Chevy Sonic.

Photo_16 Photo

4:30 pm – Getting addicted to buttered shrimps. This isn’t good…


6:30 pm – Having my favorite turtle pie from Coffee Bean. P.S. Yes, this is a fashion blog, not a food blog. Haha!


Flat lays are the thing right now. Just gather different elements and put them in one frame. This was a sponsored Instagram post I did for a local bazaar.


MONDAY | 2:30 pm – Packed my bags then I’m off to Barcelona for a project with Police Eyewear!

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