Sah wah dee khrap, Thailand! Before the craziness that is Bangkok International Fashion Week finally commence, we were given a free day to relax or do whatever we fancy. Most of the bloggers stayed in and slept, while I, along with a bunch of other bloggers from Singapore, USA and Philippines took advantage of our free day to do some touristy things in Bangkok. It was my first time in Thailand so I was really curious to see what the city could offer. It takes a bit of time to fall in love with Bangkok so you really need to see or experience something that you’ll enjoy. The high-rise buildings, the heavy traffic, the intense heat and the naughty nightlife may not immediately give you the best impression (although it does remind me of Manila), but don’t be quick to judge, amidst this busy city are stunning and historical temples and palaces, authentic canals, floating markers and a vibrant nightlife that will definitely get you hooked! So here it is..a glimpse of the vivid city of Bangkok! Hope you enjoy this visual diary!

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