Waking up with this view every morning dreaming of my next adventure. I placed these Heineken city bottles by my window to remind myself to work extra hard so I can travel the world.

I find comfort in traveling…while stepping out of my comfort zone. A bit ironic, isn’t it? When I travel, I get stressed on all sorts of things such as rushing to the airport (I always pack the last minute), dealing with delayed flights and having all these crazy scenarios in my head because I have a fear of flying– plus the chances of getting lost (and wasting time) in a country you’ve never been before. But then again, it’s all part of the experience. In the end, you always win. Travelling opens your mind to so many possibilities. You go home refreshed, more knowledgeable and more inspired. I always get that post-travel happiness which makes it hard for me to snap back to reality.

I am heading to New York in a couple of weeks and I can’t contain my excitement! I am finally crossing it out of my travel bucket list–that’s 2 of the 6 Heineken city bottles that I have! Haha! I think it’s awesome that Heineken wants to inspire people to move away from their daily routines and to step out of their comfort zones by discovering what different cities have to offer.

Currently dreaming of traveling to London, Berlin, Amsterdam and Shanghai–all that while enjoying a bottle of Heineken!

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