After launching the new look of the website last year, transferring to a completely different platform, taking the risk of losing my readers because starting a new blog means the it’s back to zero hits and followers (but thanks for sticking around!), having my own TV show (who would have thought?) and flying to different countries for work–it has been a crazy year. The good kind of crazy. With the help of an awesome team (a.k.a. my friends lol), we are constantly thinking of ways to bring DG Manila to the next level.


I’ve been getting a lot of emails from my readers asking me to make my own mobile app. After months of secretly meeting up with Digital Media (they developed apps for the likes of 71 Gramercy, Camille Co, Facial Care Centre, etc), approaching my favorite brands and pitching the app, and also asking help from a few of my readers asking them what features they want to see on the app. And finally, we’re ready to launch this baby.


The DG Manila app allows you to follow me on all my social networks, get notified on my latest blog posts, get exclusive in-app discounts and vouchers from my favourite brands, do a live chat with me, get featured on DG Manila’s fan gallery by submitting our photo/s together or by sending me an artwork you made, you can also get a chance to be reader of the week and promote your own blog, join my exclusive giveaways (not posted on the blog), unlock coupons and get freebies through the Loyalty tab, get sale announcements, promos, discounts, freebies and other perks from some the brands I love!

Download the DG MANILA app for FREE on The App Store and Google Play today!

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