What’s New, What’s Next

Exercise without diet is pointless; and diet doesn’t mean skipping meals and starving yourself. It is simply eating right and healthy. What’s your go-to health food? Something that is easy to prepare, affordable and yummy too? For me, it has to be tuna! And finally, there’s another tuna flakes which has become my personal favorite. It’s the New San Marino Tuna Flakes which has a green label and Protein for Life logo. I usually have tuna together with my smoothie almost every workout. It is an essential part of my diet and it helps me build muscles and helps keep me strong to go through my daily tasks. I go for a high protein diet, low carb diet and the San Marino Tuna Flakes is an excellent source of protein! Every time I feel the urge to eat, I always snack on tuna as it is guilt free! Have I mentioned it tastes great too? Especially when paired with a hot bowl of rice! Yum!

Today’s Pinoy youth are living extremely busy lives! We wear many hats- student, son/daughter, friend, blogger, etc. so in order for us to fulfill the many roles that we have, it is important that we continuously maintain a healthy lifestyle. And given the many health benefits of tuna, it has become a vital part of my diet and it should be part of yours too!

The recently concluded What’s New, What’s Next Fair hosted by San Marino gave me better appreciation of the vast benefits of tuna! And they couldn’t have selected a more perfect ambassador than Daniel Matsunaga! Daniel is fit despite his crazy celebrity schedule. He is everyone’s fitspiration! He is disciplined, regularly works out and eats right! We had a fun and adventure-filled day with activities like flying trapeze, wall climbing and rappelling. My friends and I had so much fun! We had enough energy to try out everything because we were ‘fueled’ by San Marino Tuna Flakes! By eating and living healthy, you get the most out of life! Get ready to take on Whats New, Whats Next and enjoy life!

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