Most of the time, I feel like I need more hours in a day just to get everything done. Do you ever feel like that? After my 2-week trip to Sweden and Singapore, I went to Bacolod for a week for the Masskara Festival then headed to Baler for another 3 days, then I left for 2-week trip to Singapore and Bangkok for Digital Fashion Week! I am currently in my hotel room right now in Bangkok trying to rest but I’m writing this post lol. I always look forward to work-related trips though because it means I can take a few days of vacation (sort of) and I get to produce new content for the blog—but then it also means that work gets piled up. So after my trip, I usually spend the next 5 days catching up on my emails, attend meetings with clients, attend work-related events, book trips, pre-style outfits, submit articles and draft blog posts (right now I have 20 backlogs…eep!). That’s why it’s hard for me to “live life one day at a time” because with the work that I do, I always have to do everything in advance. Even though it takes so much of my time and creative energy (feel na feel haha), it’s important for me to take a breather and take it all in.

DSC06169aThat’s why it’s always important for me to take a break. My idea of “taking a break” would mean driving a few hours away from the city, going to the beach or maybe even book a plane ticket and explore a different city/country. But then let’s be realistic here. Sometimes we don’t have the luxury of time, we have deadlines and we can’t afford to take a weekend off. Sometimes all you need is a 30-minute or an hour (okay, maybe 2 lol) of break time to refresh your senses. I usually lie down and check my Instagram (just being real here lol). I also check my Facebook timeline, read a bunch of articles and watch random videos my friends share online. Happy na ko dun! Haha!

DSC06148a 1

I came across the Kit Kat Break Movement on www.kitkat.ph wherein you will be given a special mission for you to become an official “Break Agent.” Basically you have to gather a bunch of your friends and make your own trailer! You and your friends will be given a specific set of skills and generate your own agent name! Here’s mine!

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