Picture this–you are comfortably sitting by a window, birds chirping in the background, you are holding a cup of steaming hot coffee on your left hand and your trusty newspaper on the other. If mornings are like this, then every day would be perfect! But in today’s fast paced world, sometimes there is no time to sit and read news because you need to rush out the door and fulfill your obligations. People nowadays are on the go and what we all need is for our favorite brands who can meet our ever changing needs!

Good thing- my favorite and most trusted news source, The Philippine Star, has an app that can be easily downloaded from your phone or tablet! What I love most about it is that you can read the newspaper from cover to cover and most of all, it’s free! Information on the go at its finest! Every swipe of your finger is like turning a page (minus the newspaper smell that I love haha). Now there is no excuse not be in the know!

DSC_0363finalWhat I’m wearing: polo shirt (Folded & Hung), trousers (ASOS), belt (SM Accessories), watch (SM Accessories), leather brogues (Dr Martens). Hype this on lookbook here.


Polo shirt from Folded & Hung | Belt from SM Accessories

DSC_0372 DSC_0322

Watch from SM Accessories


And since it’s Philippine Star, you know that the truth will prevail–even on your device! Scroll down to get a glimpse of today’s top stories + a few features of the app!


Leather brogues from Dr Martens

Photos by Lissa Kahayon

The Menu is located in the to right corner. From here you can view the archive, settings, etc. To navigate through the edition, swipe left and right to move between each specific section!


Tap on any article that takes your interest in order to read the article in full detail! Don’t you just love the layout of the app? It’s neat, clean, straight to the point and very user-friendly!


Here’s my favorite feature–you scan the news photo on the front page, and your smartphone automatically plays the scene right before your eyes. Isn’t that cool? No longer just the product of science fiction, news coming to life is now possible, thanks to The Philippine STAR’s pioneering mobile app! You can download it for FREE on the App Store and Google Play!

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