There’s something about traveling that gives me so much inspiration and fulfilment. The culture, the sights to see, the cuisine, the people, the new memories and adventures that you will treasure for the rest of your life. Whoa that was a little too dramatic for an outfit post. Haha! Forgive me, I’m currently at the airport killing time while waiting for my flight to Macau. I was invited by Melco Crown Entertainment to experience the shows and the food at the City of Dreams. The invite was a little last minute but then again, who can say no to travel?

Speaking of traveling, here’s an airport-friendly outfit I wore to Cebu last month. I missed my flight (don’t ask lol) so I had tons of free time to rest, take outfit shots for the blog and of course, eat lechon. Haha! For some reason, I’m drawn into anything olive green with hints of orange–like my bomber jacket and travel bag. No matter how earthy or pale my look is, there always has to be a pop of color injected somewhere. 


What I’m wearing: quilted bomber jacket (H&M), shirt (Greater Good), pants (Wrangler), bag (Crumpler), luggage (Mendoza), boots (Palladium). Hype this on lookbook here.


Quilted bomber jacket from H&M | Shirt from Greater Good

DSC_1249 DSC_1224

Travel bag from Crumpler | I think I may have found the perfect bag for me. I’ve always settled with any duffel bag wherein I could fit all my gadgets but I’m glad I found one that could actually fit all my stuff and keep them safe and secure. The strap at the back is so helpful because you can strap it to your luggage handle. How convenient!


I feel like this bag was made for me. Haha! It has storage for my 3 cameras and laptop (yes, I bring 3 cameras with me to events haha). And look, I still have extra space left for other things!


Boots from Palladium | I’m crazy about boots but if you want to speed through airport security, opt for slip-ons. Boots in general take a long time to unlace. It’ll just slow you down, annoying everyone behind you at the security line. Haha! In my case, it was totally fine since I was only flying domestic.

Photos by Alejandro Taag
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