I don’t easily get attached to things but when I do, I hold on to it with all my might. Okay maybe I’m exaggerating, but I know a few things I can’t let go of–like the pillow I’ve had since I was a kid, my butas-butas pambahay (house clothes) which I always wear and my favorite pair of boots which I got from a thrift store when I was just starting out as a blogger (I don’t wear it anymore but it has a sentimental value lol). In terms of the current items in my wardrobe–I’d have to say that I am overly-attached to my denim jacket from Lee, my white button down from Bench, my leatherette pants from Topman and my brogues from Dr Martens. I don’t care if I’ve worn them way too many times on my blog already–when I can’t think of anything to wear, this is my go-to look. Of course, you have to consider the weather and the event you’re going to. How about you? What are the key items in your wardrobe you can’t afford to let go of?

DSC_0775finalWhat I’m wearing: jean jacket (Lee), white button down (Bench), leatherette pants (Topman), watch (Meister), limited edition sunnies (Police Eyewear), brogues (Dr Martens). Hype this on lookbook here.


Jean jacket from Lee | White button down from Bench

DSC_0821 DSC_0873

Watch from Meister


Limited Edition sunnies from Police

DSC_0773final DSC_0856final

LG G3 Phone | Here’s a new and fun way to take selfies! With the phone’s gesture feature,  just simply show the camera a fist, and it takes a shot after a three-second countdown!

Photos by Nigel Guison
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