A wide-eyed wanderer is someone who travels aimlessly having one’s eyes opened with amazement and astonishment. It’s not just for kids who are curious about everything but also for grown ups who continue to journey in life.

The Philippines’ first world-class science museum celebrates its second anniversary with mind-blowing excitement for wanderers of all ages. Over half a million people have come away inspired after visiting The Mind Museum since it’s launch in 2012. I remember being so excited when I found out about it. I even posted about it on my blog. The inner geek in me couldn’t help it! The Mind Museum, a non-profit organisation of Bonifacio Art Foundation, Inc., takes pride in being a museum designed by Filipinos, for Filipinos, as it makes science come alive!

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The journey never ends. This summer, The Mind Museum offers fun and educational programs such as “C.S.I. 101” (ages 10-17) wherein participants will be divided into teams and will gather and analyse evidence from crime scenes as well as present their cases to a panel of investigators. There is also a Forensic Art workshop (18-25 years old) which will introduce the participants to methods like composite sketching and forensic photography that are used to aid with solving cases. They also have a Marine Science Camp (ages 7 and up) with California Academy of Sciences in Anilao Batangas–it’ll be an outdoor adventure for families to create a deeper appreciation of the marine environment through science. Another one is the Junior Mind Mover Program (7-17 years old) It consists of series of exercises and workshops that are designed to expose kids to the work of scientists in museums. Another program they offer is Soccer Science (13-22 years old)! It’s both a full soccer game and a science workshop! Sounds exciting! Make your summer break worthwhile by enrolling yourself in one (or two) of programs The Mind Museum‘s offering! For summer program queries, email summerprograms@themindmuseum.org

Keep wandering. Keep exploring. Keep Learning.

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