In case you’re wondering what’s up with this random blog post…it’s because I’m so inspired today! I just got back from a work-related trip to Malaysia and I received so many good news today! On top of that, I read a lot of inspiring messages from my readers. My readers give me much more than I give them, in so many ways. I’m staying up late tonight to work on more deadlines but I’m not complaining! My perfect companion for an all-nighter? A cup of hot coffee!



In case you didn’t know, your favorite cup of foamy coffee, NESCAFÉ Cappuccino, is back! I’m so happy! I was so bummed out when they pulled it out but it’s back! Woohoo! The foaminess of the coffee reminds me of the ones in fancy coffee shops! I felt such an expert doing my own coffee! Haha pwede na ba akong barista? The NESCAFE Cappucino also comes with a cute sachet of chocolate spinkles! I love coffee and chocolate so putting them together is a double treat!


I’ll leave you with this amazing view of the city! Good night!

NESCAFÉ Cappuccino is available in all supermarkets, groceries and convenient stores for only Php7.
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