I promised myself that I will not bring any work with me to my trip to Ilocos Norte but every place was just picture perfect–I just had to shoot for the blog to share with you guys. I wish I wore something more dressy though! Nevertheless, sharing with you the sights of Ilocos Norte especially the scenic Cape Bojeador Lighthouse in Burgos.


What I’m wearing: shirt (Nemis Clothing), sweatpants (Topman), snapback (Color Super), watch (Watch Factory), braided shoelaces (Rastaclat), Tech’d Out Discs (Puma). Hype this on lookbook here.


Stickman tee from Nemis Clothing | With the amazing stickman print used in panels, the Stickman Tee is subtle and poppy at the same time. The back panel is longer than the front, making the printed panel hang nicely over the pants. Say no to butt crack shows! lol



F91W-1DG watch from Casio | Available at Watch Factory


Tech’d Out Discs from Puma | Probably the coolest pair I own. Haha these remind me so much of the toys I used to play with back when I was a kid. I don’t know but it kinda looks like a Beyblade or a Transformer toy? Haha! Well since I can’t play with toys anymore, why not just wear ’em? Really love the no-lace disc closure system!


Photos by Vince Canlapan
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