Here’s my attempt at copying Jericho Rosales. Guy’s got a natural swag. He can wear something so simple and make it work. Echo (feeling close ako haha) has taught me the art of laid-back dressing. But first you need the essentials: a well-fitted shirt, chino pants and a pair of comfy sneakers. Once you’ve established this look, you can back it up with brushed up hair, huge guns (lol), confidence and a fun personality. Ha! Honestly speaking, he’s definitely my icon when it comes to this style. What do you guys think of this laid-back look?



Polo shirt from Collezione C2 | Really digging the fit of this one. The navy blue gives off a nautical feel and the details on top gives an illusion that I have a broad shoulder. Wow, this shirt is doing wonders for me! Haha!


Collezione C2 is an established brand and is known in the business for its trusted polo shirts. Not to mention their designs are very nationalistic. I still remember that time when they came up with the Philippine map design, everyone wanted a piece of it–me included.




Rucksack from Collezione C2 | Scored this for only 200 bucks during Collezione C2’s garage sale a few weeks ago. Can you believe it? That’s how cheap they’re selling these! They do it every year. I got two of these plus a whole bunch of other stuff for cheap as well such as sweatpants, sweaters and polo shirts. Good stuff.


Photos by Alejandro Taag

Have you seen the behind-the-scenes video of Collezione C2‘s Holiday 2013 Collection? This is also the debut of Collezione C2’s newest endorser Kim Jones as joins her real-life partner Jericho Rosales  (who has been with the brand since 2012). They seem like very fun and down-to-earth people. People you can have long, meaningful conversations with. Now before I sound like total a creep, here’s the video! Enjoy!


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