Five years ago, I was just sitting in the classroom daydreaming of wanting to be an endorser for a brand. And now it’s finally a reality. I still can’t believe it whenever brands would approach me asking me to endorse their product. I’ve been blogging since 2009 but I’m still not used to these kind of things.

2013 is a special year for Italian lifestyle brand Police as it celebrates 30 years of fashionable lifestyle accessories. They’ve been around for this long because they know how to adapt to the latest trends. Following the footsteps of international Police brand ambassadors, Police has also tapped three local talents to represent the Police lifestyle in the Philippines. With that, I am happy to announce that I am the new face of Police Eyewear along with celebrities Will Devaughn and Roxanne Barcelo! Ahhhh!


There was a display showcasing the different styles and collections of Police Eyewear throughout the years. Police is always updated with the latest trends–and they sure know how to set them.


Getting so awk while seeing my photos being flashed on screen. Eeeeep! Police has always tapped celebrities as their endorsers, to be the first blogger to endorse the brand is pretty darn cool, I must say!


For 30 years, Police has maintained its tradition of producing trendy, high-quality eyewear and accessories. For its anniversary, Policed continue this tradition by introducing a brand new line that evokes style and attitude, two qualities that can be found in all of their products!


Here I am talking about the new collection of the brand. Police Eyewear has always tapped style icons to represent it. George Clooney, Bruce Willis, and David Beckham have all been part of Police. Lume-level!


These photos taken by Xander Angeles were unveiled at the launch as well. I love his work!



The style was followed in the early 1990’s when Police introduced the rock and roll lifestyle and urban fashion to its line of eyewear. In 1993, Police made another splash with the introduction of the iconic blue mirrored lens (we’re all wearing the red version here). The style became a great success and continues to be popular today.



With Stefano Bozzo, Brand and Licensing Manager of Police Eyewear and Vittorio Trusso, Managing Director for Asia Pacific for De Rigo HK Ltd. Was able to grab a few drinks with them before the event. Such cool people!



With actress Lorna Tolentino and her son. Thanks for gracing the event!


With my co-ambassadors Roxanne Barcelo and Will Devaughn. Love these guys so much! They’re both huge celebs yet so humble and down-to-earth! Seriously, they’re the coolest people you’ll ever meet! We’re like a family!


This event wouldn’t be possible without Rica Oquias! We love you!


Meet half of the hardworking team behind the success of this event! Thank you M2Comms!


So thankful for my friends for supporting me! There were tons of other events that day but they chose to go to mine! Shout out to Lissa, Angel, Seph, Trice, Miko, Alejandro, Hezzy and Pao! Love you guys!


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Photos by Alejandro Taag
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