Antonov Vodka Mixed Drink is the drink that perfectly fits your on-the-go lifestyle.  With an easy to open pull and pop bottle cap, and its ready mix flavor, now you can enjoy vodka anytime and anywhere you want. Plus it tastes really good too!

Want to throw a party? Join the Antonov Vodka Mixed Drink Party Express and win free drinks for your party! Here’s how:

Plan a party and get a chance to win free drinks from Antonov Vodka Mixed Drink. All you have to do is access the Party Express app (click here), plot your party on the map, tell us the details about your party, and invite your friends to come! (Note: You can only invite a maximum of 10 friends per day so make sure to come back the succeeding days to invite more friends!) At the end of each week, the “party” with the most number of attendees will win 6 bottles of Antonov Vodka Mixed Drink and an Antonov inflatable bucket! Cheers! 

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