Pants are so restricting, don’t you agree? Haha! That’s the reason why I’ve been wearing sweatpants almost every single day these past few weeks. It helps that I run a style blog though–otherwise I wouldn’t exert an effort dressing up and would’ve probably looked like I just got out of bed. Haha! The sweater and sweatpants that I’m wearing here are of the same shade of blue so I decided to throw in this acid wash vest to break the monotony and give some personality to the outfit. It’s pretty cool how a lazy-looking outfit can look put-together by choosing the right pieces! Hope you guys have a productive week ahead! 

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Whenever I have important events to attend to, I usually get really nervous and end up wearing no-brainer outfits that I’ve worn before–just so I already know that the pieces look good when worn altogether. No more time to experiment! Well, today was no different. I hosted the Kitchen Conversations event (read about my post here) organized by Oster Philippines and Pancake House Group. I sticked to the usual denim on denim combo (which I know I’ve been abusing lately lol) and paired it with sweatpants. What do you think?

P.S. Notice something different with my photos? I finally switched to a handy point and shoot camera! It’s so much more convenient to carry around than a bulky dslr. I will miss my Nikon D60 though! It’s the camera I’ve been using for the 5 years that I’ve been blogging! *tears*

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I thought the closest I’d ever get to cooking was heating leftovers in the microwave and making smoothies (hashtag dgblends lol). So when Pancake House and Oster Philippines invited me to host a cooking hangout with a few chosen blog readers, I was a bit hesitant if I was going to accept it. When I finally I agreed I made sure I would come prepared come event day. Weeks before the actual cooking session with my readers, I took ‘secret’ cooking classes from our househelp plus one of Pancake House’s in-house chefs. I learned everything from the proper way of handling of knives, slicing, cooking rice, etc. Haha!

I wanted it to be an intimate event so I only handpicked 5 of my readers. I never met any of them in events nor in blogging workshops but we all got along so well. It felt like we’ve known each other for years! Just casually teasing one another, having good conversations over some delicious food (biased ako lol). We came up with 3 dishes that are easy to make that will surely impress your guests! Who knew my #dglamons and #dgblends hashtags would come to this? Haha!

P.S. I apologize for the photo-heavy post! We took so much photos–it was so hard to narrow them down!

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It has been raining nonstop today–a.k.a. I found the perfect opportunity to layer again! Haha! I got this sweater from Fusion last summer. Of course there was no chance on earth I was going to wear it then. I’ve been seeing a lot of these type of sweaters with the graphics covering the entire surface from the front, back, sleeves, even down to the cuffs! I was also surprised to find out that Fusion were the first ones who came up with these graphic sweaters (or sexy sweaters as how they like to call it).

Graphic sweaters are fun to wear because they have all these interesting prints that can make you stand out. That’s why when you wear one, make sure to keep the rest of your outfit minimal. My first pick was this astronaut-printed sweater because I still had a hangover from the movie “Gravity” when I purchased this. Haha!


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There’s nothing like shopping at SM Aura Premier. Although you can find most of the stores in other malls, SM Aura offers a different kind of shopping experience. It’s more upscale in terms of the interior, the crowd and the overall vibe of the place. You’ll definitely feel like a VIP when you go shopping there! And rest assured, you’ll never leave the mall empty-handed! I took advantage of the SM Aura Sale today and boy did I score a lot of items–and a lot of pigging out happened in between too (can you tell by the photos? lol). The shoes from Hoodwink that I was saving up for was on sale + scored a lot of rainy season pieces at 70% off! Make sure you guys head on over to SM Aura Premier this weekend and get up to 70% off on select items from participating shops such as Stuart Weitzman, American Eagle, Hoodwink, Topman, Forever 21, Cotton On, Bench, Levi’s, Paul Frank Store, River Island, Sperry Top Sider, Palladium Boots, The SM Store and so much more! Sale is till tomorrow only so hurry! 

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Blogging extra early before the malls open to announce that SM Aura Premier will be having a SALE this weekend! Starting today, August 29 till the 31st! You can get up to 70% off on select items from participating shops such as Stuart Weitzman, American Eagle, Hoodwink, Topman, Forever 21, Cotton On, Levi’s, Paul Frank Store, River Island, Sperry Top Sider, Palladium Boots, The SM Store and so much more! Whew that’s a lot. They also extended the mall hours till 11pm this weekend for, you know, when you need more time to shop. Haha!

Found this nice spot at the 5th floor of SM Aura Premier to take outfit photos! Woot! Wore a simple shirt + trousers combo for a whole day of shopping! Everything I’m wearing here can be found at SM Aura and yes, you can get it a discount! So I guess I’ll see you there? Say hi when you see me! (P.S. My mom took my outfit shots today. Can she pass as a photographer? Haha!)


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