There’s something about traveling that gives me so much inspiration and fulfilment. The culture, the sights to see, the cuisine, the people, the new memories and adventures that you will treasure for the rest of your life. Whoa that was a little too dramatic for an outfit post. Haha! Forgive me, I’m currently at the airport killing time while waiting for my flight to Macau. I was invited by Melco Crown Entertainment to experience the shows and the food at the City of Dreams. The invite was a little last minute but then again, who can say no to travel?

Speaking of traveling, here’s an airport-friendly outfit I wore to Cebu last month. I missed my flight (don’t ask lol) so I had tons of free time to rest, take outfit shots for the blog and of course, eat lechon. Haha! For some reason, I’m drawn into anything olive green with hints of orange–like my bomber jacket and travel bag. No matter how earthy or pale my look is, there always has to be a pop of color injected somewhere. 


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I don’t think I’ll ever let go of the denim-on-denim trend. I still incorporate it in my everyday outfits no matter what the weather is! This time it’s very subtle since I layered it with a sweater. Ohh the joy of dressing up for the rainy days! I think this is also the first time I wore baggy jeans (they’re considered baggy, right?) on the blog. Although it didn’t really work to my advantage (since it made me look wider and smaller), I love how rugged the look is. Just goes to show that my style is really a fusion of grunge and preppy. Finished off the look by adding a pops of color here and there. Some people get depressed with the gloomy weather but I on the other hand look forward to it since I tend to be more productive + it’s an opportunity for me to dress up and play around with layering–a dream for any style blogger who lives in a tropical country. Haha!

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After having a nice and relaxing weekend, waking up on a Monday morning can be such a drag. Do you feel sluggish and lack motivation come Monday morning? I used to have a really bad case of Monday blues when I was in high school. I remember pretending to be sick almost every Monday morning (Why do I keep mentioning Monday in every sentence? Way to go for rubbing it in, David). Diarrhea, migraine, vision problems, fever, family problems, my braces hurt–trust me, I’ve used all the excuses in the book. I would be in character come Sunday evening to let my parents see that I’m not feeling well. We’re only allowed 12 absences a year so I had to equally distribute them and just be late on some Mondays. Just so I can skip the flag ceremony (nothing screams Monday than that) and the haircut inspection. Okay, I’m not really setting a good example here but I’m just being honest! Haha! But now that I’m working, believe it or not, I actually look forward to Mondays. I see it as another opportunity to improve my craft, try new things and step out of my comfort zone. So for today’s post, I’ve prepared 5 tips to help you combat that Monday morning anxiety!

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Whenever I get asked what my personal style is, I always say that it’s a mix of grunge and preppy–and I think my look today shows that. I’m usually drawn into anything dark and rugged–like this bowler hat, lennon sunnies, leatherette pants and the printed button down I’m wearing today. Oh and there has to be leather somewhere in my outfit (at least 90% of the time)–no matter how humid the weather is. Haha! Although the polkadot print doesn’t really scream “grunge,” I’m still crazy about it because I can’t wear a full-on polkadot print and I love how it fades on the lower half of the shirt–making it look like a continuation of my bottoms and making the outfit more cohesive. Lastly, I finished off the look with a dress watch and leather brogues (which falls into the ‘preppy’ category). See, no matter how different both styles are from each other, you can still look put-together by knowing how to incorporate the right pieces into your look. Hope you guys had an awesome weekend! Cheers!

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Sometimes, unplanned outfits are the best, don’t you agree? I usually run errands in the morning and attend events in the afternoon till evening so I always have to bring a different set of clothes. Something laid back for errands and something more dressy for events and meetings. Being the forgetful person that I am, I forgot to bring the outfit I was going to wear to the event. Haha! I didn’t have enough time to get creative so I went straight to my favorite stores and bought a plain shirt and belt (medyo kuripot haha). I have to say, I quite like how it turned out! Feeling so OC though because my watch doesn’t match with my belt and shoes. Ugh.  Haha! Anyway, nothing really fancy here but I like how a simple belt made the look more put-together. Have a great weekend ahead! 

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I have to admit, sometimes it gets tiring to dress up everyday. Especially when you’re a style blogger and you have to document your outfits. You don’t just dress for yourself anymore, you dress for your readers. You want to make it interesting enough for them but at the same, relevant and relatable. Don’t get me wrong, I’m passionate with what I do but when it starts to feel like a routine, you really need something to keep you inspired. I get inspiration from the magazines I read (Nylon Guys and Details are my top picks), the movies I watch (try watching Rebel Without A Cause and Jersey Boys) and the music I listen to. How about you? Where do you get your inspiration? :)

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