Take a breath of fresh air with tonal blues, luxe duffle coats, tartan blazers, checkered prints and classic hues inspired by the great American outdoors. When Tommy Hilfiger asked me to shoot pieces from their Fall 2015 collection, I knew I had to incorporate it with nature. The collection was the best fit for my personal style as it offers a variety of grunge/rugged styles but balanced… Read more


When you think of holiday dressing, it doesn’t necessarily have to be something colorful or festive, you can still go for neutrals but try to veer away from dark colours for a little while. It would be awesome if you can wear something that reminds you of the season–it could be even as subtle as this burgundy sweater (it always reminds me of the holidays whenever I… Read more


Now that I’m in my early twenties, I tend to go for looks that are more classic, polished and sophisticated. I attended the preview of their Spring-Summer 2015 collection wherein they showcased a line of apparel that is high in style but low in maintenance—and of course, with an eye on supreme comfort and fit. It seemed like the perfect fit for yuppies as the collection highlights… Read more


As a fan of color coordinates, it made me cringe reviewing this set of photos on my laptop–seeing that I’m wearing tons of different colors such as black, brown, navy blue and grey. Something I wouldn’t normally do as I would never mix brown with black nor I would wear four colors all at once. Being a style blogger for so many years now, I kind of… Read more


AyosDito.ph held a fashion face-off among Camille Co, Patricia Prieto and I along with a few chosen AyosDito.ph sellers (who were also our readers) and the task was to come up with a collection using the pre-loved items we purchased from them. We asked our readers to sell some of their pre-loved fashion items on the website using the hashtag they wanted to be part of–there was #TeamCamille,… Read more


You may think wearing head-to-toe black is a snooze, but with the right pieces and a few styling chops, you’ll look badass in black in no time! This is the outfit I wore to the Style Ko Ayos Dito event a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t have time to rummage through my closet to look for something to wear so I went for all-black. Since I… Read more