Tretorn has demonstrated true Swedish form and function in each piece of footwear for over 120 years. They must be doing something right for them to last this long in the industry! Tretorn brings an understated quality to classic silhouettes, from the Nylite, the world’s original luxury sports shoe, to the Otto, which adds undeniable comfort to the vintage charms of the boat shoe. Each pair is built to take you forward and prepare you for whatever the world throws your way. Some shoes are shaped to make life about stepping out of your comfort zone, but with Tretorn, it’s all about taking comfort along with each and every step.

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Nope, there was no beach in sight, I really decided to wear swim shorts today. Haha! I came up with a relatively pale-looking outfit and I felt the need to inject some color somewhere. When you see my wardrobe collection, it would be all blacks, greys, navy blues and a whole lot of denim. I’m not too keen on wearing colored pants either so I rummaged through my closet and found all my swim shorts from last summer! I think I have one in every color! Haha! Opted for the most vibrant-looking shorts and viola–It instantly added life to my outfit. Now, who said you can only wear swim shorts to the beach?

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Whenever I have shoots, I always try to keep my outfit simple, comfortable but still stylish enough to wear throughout the day. I arrived on set clad in a loose sweater, slightly baggy pair of jeans and  rugged boots. No layering, no complicated styling. Just cuffing of the pants and rolling of the sleeves–that’s it! The girls were already there 2 hours before my call time since they needed a lot of time for hair & make-up. However, there wasn’t enough time for them to do mine since we had to shoot really quick. But I came prepared with my own grooming kit–I washed my face, applied wax on my hair and I was ready for my close up! Isn’t it awesome to be a guy? Haha! 

Speaking of grooming, Watsons recently launched their Bath to Basics campaign which aims to educate people about the importance of their bathing habits to achieve better health and skin using the basic products we should have in our bathrooms. For guys, it doesn’t hurt to try going beyond the usual shower-deo-shaving bathing routine. Try other bath products like body scrubs, exfoliating and cleansing products, etc. Trust me, they do wonders!

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One of the things I miss about summer is the easy dressing. You can just step outside wearing a tank top, shorts and flip-flops (mandals for me cuz I hate wearing flip-flops lol). I saw this tank top at GUESS last week and I just had to get it before they pull it out from the stores. Typical impatient me couldn’t wait for next summer so I wore it right away. Ha! Even though I was wearing a tank top on a normal day in the city, I couldn’t risk looking like I’m going to the beach. I paired it with a pair of trousers and tucked the tank top in. Finished it off with a hat to make it look a little edgy. Summer and business casual are two different elements and most people won’t even dare combining these two together. But you know me, I love mixing different styles in my look. You just need the right pieces and the styling chops to pull it off. I hope I did! Hope you guys have an awesome and productive week ahead!


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Let’s face it, we all have those days when our energy and emotions are in the gutter. Days when we feel like shutting everything down and just stay in bed the whole day. Losing sleep because we need to catch up with work (or your favorite TV series lol), workouts we don’t feel like starting, articles we don’t feel like writing, responsibilities we don’t feel like handling–the list goes on. Yesterday was one of those days. If it happened today I won’t be even writing this blog post. Haha!

Sometimes, we just need an extra push. I try to sacrifice one day and do as much work as I can so I won’t be as busy the whole week. When I lose motivation, I plan something out with my friends so I have something to look forward to. It also helps to follow instagram/twitter accounts that posts inspirational stuff (try @thegoodquote or @workoutinspo). Or simply have an energy drink to give you the push that you need to get going!

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One simply cannot go to Macau and not watch any of the fantastic shows at the City of Dreams! Capped off our 3-day visit with a sexy night at Club Cubic, City of Dreams‘ hottest nightclub. We were able to experience Taboo: The Show of Secret Fantasies. It was a sensual show but definitely not at all trashy. Macau is the best place for these kinds of shows!  It was tasteful, electrifying and just, WOW!

Taboo is spectacular and provocative but a truly delightful watch! The performances were outstanding and jaw dropping. Thanks to the beautiful cast and talented artist from all over the world! City of Dreams teamed up with Franco Dragone, the creator of The House of Dancing Water, to deliver an all new cabaret experience. Taboo, The Show of Secret Fantasies, explores every man and woman’s deepest desires! Intriguing, isn’t it? I enjoyed Taboo–it was a unique theatrical experience and a perfect way to end a fun-filled trip to Macau! A must watch when you are in the city!

I won’t say much and let you enjoy the photos I took! Do you think Manila is ready for something like Club Cubic? You be the judge.

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