When Levi’s asked me to create a look for them, I already had an outfit in mind–a pair of classic Levi’s tapered jeans paired with a white button down and layered with a denim jacket. How predictable, right? I rummaged through my closet this morning and found this amazing knitted cardigan which apparently, I never got to wear. This piece was literally at the end and bottom… Read more


The key to nailing that mix of “high and low” or casual and dressy is to balance a statement top or bottom–just remember that one of them has to be more subdued than the other. You can tell that I’m having a pretty laid-back day with my shirt and super lazy looking tote bag and mandals. I don’t usually wear t-shirts just because I feel like something’s always… Read more


After being away from home for so long, I just wanted to be tucked into bed and have my own little world for the next couple of days. But surprisingly I found myself unpacking my luggage and packing a new one. I really can’t complain because one of my dreams before I even started blogging was to travel the world. I never had the time nor the… Read more


I’m sure you guys are all busy with school, work, events and at the same time planning all your holiday vacations, parties and gifts for your loved ones this Christmas. Why don’t you guys take some time off and treat yourself? I am inviting you guys to head on over to the Live in Levi’s Customization shop this holiday! Global brand Levi’s brings you a star-studded, music-filled, and pumped… Read more

What’s New, What’s Next

Exercise without diet is pointless; and diet doesn’t mean skipping meals and starving yourself. It is simply eating right and healthy. What’s your go-to health food? Something that is easy to prepare, affordable and yummy too? For me, it has to be tuna! And finally, there’s another tuna flakes which has become my personal favorite. It’s the New San Marino Tuna Flakes which has a green label… Read more


It’s just one of those days when you’re not in the mood to move and dress up–so you end up wearing the first thing you see in your closet. Well, today was no different. I had a lunch meeting with a brand so I woke up thinking that I had a few hours to spare. I checked my emails, drafted a few more blog posts and went… Read more