I’ve recently made two great discoveries–one is the power of well-fitting clothes. Having clothes that form around your body is very flattering while having excess fabric can make you look unshapely and tacky. Laid back dressing doesn’t have to be always a shirt, jeans and sneakers. You can look like you’ve put a lot of thought and effort into your look by having clothes that fit your body well. You don’t need to spend tons of cash to look polished or expensive. Fit, comfort and style are the key essentials into pulling off any look–expensive or not.

I had the busiest day of my life so I didn’t have much time to prepare. Took a shower, threw on this bright-colored sweater, chino pants, a belt and some lace-up leather shoes and I was good to go! It’s amazing how having the good, quality basics that fit well can prevent you from looking lazy. It’s not about quantity, it’s about quality, right? Want to know what my other discovery was? Scroll down to find out! 

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For Toyota, safety is top priority. It’s not just a set of rules; it’s how they do business. It is the very heart of the company. Toyota constantly develops technology to create safer cars so we can have safe roads.

Research has shown that only 20% of people in the Philippines wear seatbelt. Let’s get this number up to 100%, can we? I find this very alarming. Seatbelts are not ornaments; it can actually save lives! I always drive with a seatbelt and I encourage my passengers to do the same. Sometimes I would go as far as not moving the vehicle if my passengers are not yet buckled up- yes even those seated at the back.

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I don’t easily get attached to things but when I do, I hold on to it with all my might. Okay maybe I’m exaggerating, but I know a few things I can’t let go of–like the pillow I’ve had since I was a kid, my butas-butas pambahay (house clothes) which I always wear and my favorite pair of boots which I got from a thrift store when I was just starting out as a blogger (I don’t wear it anymore but it has a sentimental value lol). In terms of the current items in my wardrobe–I’d have to say that I am overly-attached to my denim jacket from Lee, my white button down from Bench, my leatherette pants from Topman and my brogues from Dr Martens. I don’t care if I’ve worn them way too many times on my blog already–when I can’t think of anything to wear, this is my go-to look. Of course, you have to consider the weather and the event you’re going to. How about you? What are the key items in your wardrobe you can’t afford to let go of?

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Toyota has done it again! They recently kicked off the Wakudoki dance—and it’s addicting, I tell you. The song has been playing in my head for weeks now and don’t even get me started with the dance. Haha let’s just say I have a new dance move in the club. Haha!

So what is Wakudoki, you ask? Well, ‘Waku-Waku’ is a term in Japanese use to describe when your heart is pumping with joy and you can’t sit still. ‘Doki-Doki’ is Japanese for the sound of your heartbeat. Therefore “WAKUDOKI” is the creative expression for the joy you feel when your heart is pumping with excitement! Makes sense? I should stop talking and let you watch this video! Enjoy!

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While some are sulking because summer days are over, I, on the other hand, is loving Manila’s grey and gloomy weather. Call me odd but I find it comfortingly peaceful when it rains.  Sometimes I wonder if I am an introvert because I actually enjoy having coffee, listening to music, shopping alone, writing blog posts, taking photos, etc–this type of weather gets me in the mood for these things.

Over the past two years, GAP has partnered with top style influencers all over the world to reinvent the online catalog experience. I was fortunate enough to represent the country for the second time and take part in this global campaign. I personally love GAP–the brand is a reflection of my personal style–simple, comfy and casual. GAP wanted us to shoot ourselves in everyday situations that represent our lifestyle. The things I love, where I hangout, my favourite spot in the city, etc. I have to say, it was a quite exciting for me to do a different take from my usual, standard outfit posts. Last weekend, I found myself in a quaint cafe with a coffee in hand while the rain kept pouring outside. My friend Lissa dropped by and we enjoyed catching up and taking photos. It was the perfect day–quiet, simple and peaceful. GAP kept me comfy the whole day, it was the perfect outfit for Manila’s rainy season.

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Marks & Spencer has always been my parents’ go-to store when they shop for clothes. When I tag along I usually go straight to the chocolate section (lol don’t judge me). I’ve always had this mindset that M&S is suited for the older market. When Marks & Spencer opened their 23rd store in the country at Central Square in Bonifacio Hight Street Central, I made sure I would go to check out what’s in store this season.

M&S kicked off the store opening with a Style-Off Competition featuring students from SoFa Design Institute. M&S collaborated with this top fashion school wherein students were asked to submit various looks they can make with M&S clothing given a particular criteria. I was surprised because I got tons of ideas on how to wear the pieces showcased at the fashion show. The style-off showed us that M&S have items that are suited for the younger market. See what went down at the event!

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