On a scale of 1-10, just how busy and toxic are you? I am sure most of us will say around 8-10 because in today’s day and age, it’s almost like a sin not to be busy! But hey, we all need to slow down and take a breather.

So I am taking a break from my usual fashion and travel posts to talk about health! There is a growing pressure for us, the youth, to always be in our tip top shape! And I don’t mean having abs, biceps and triceps- basically, being in shape or being healthy means having enough energy to get us through the day to fulfill our responsibilities. Whether you are a blogger, a student, an office worker, an athlete, a stay-at-home parent, we all have our daily tasks and we must be healthy enough to tick them off our to do list at the end of the day.

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I just finished blogging about my Singapore trip but I found myself back in this beautiful city again—but this time for work! I am incredibly honored to be chosen as Digital Fashion Week’s insider/correspondent this year! They chose 24 online influencers from all over the world and they only chose 3 from The Philippines! It’s gonna be one crazy and fun week so make sure you follow me on Twitter and Instagram for real-time updates!

I don’t know how I managed to come up with 10+ looks for fashion week just a few hours before my flight. Or better yet, I don’t know how I managed to fit all of them in my luggage! Haha! I basically brought all my “strong” signature pieces and threw in a few basics and I shall work my way from there. Bahala na! Haha! As for my airport outfit today, I went for my usual no-brainer look–as always! I wore my favorite black shirt (for some reason I always wear this whenever I travel) + sweatpants for full-on commando, lol. I injected pops of colour through my sneakers and accessories to keep it a little more interesting. There you have it! I have a crazy schedule this week but I’ll try my best to update the blog everyday…okay maybe every other day.

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Singapore is starting to feel like my second home already. I regularly keep in touch with Singaporean friends, work with Singaporean street labels and collaborate with some of Singapore’s brightest young minds. Singapore is home away from home for me. I love it there and I am so ecstatic to come back again next week for Digital Fashion Week!

Aside from the ultra efficient public transportation, the best hawker food and the shopping malls everywhere, what I love most about the country is their people. They’re warm, friendly and they know how to have a good time. My high school friends and I booked a trip to this year’s F1 Grand Prix weekend and we booked it a year in advance but we all knew there was a chance it won’t push trough. We wanted to take advantage of the seat sale so we booked our trip anyway. True enough, majority of my friends were not granted a leave for work and I was in Sweden for H&M. But suddenly, we had this spontaneous urge to rebook our trip and we made it happen! We did the usual touristy things such as going to Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by the Bay, etc. but we also explored the nightlife. Singapore has such a bustling night life! And can’t believe Zouk is just walking distance from our Air BnB apartment! Hope you guys enjoy this visual diary!

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Located in the heart of Orchard Road, *Scape is a creative space wherein thousands of young people hang out, collaborate and share their passion for the arts. *Scape offers a wide array of unique and exciting lifestyle products and services as well, with more than 20 retail outlets under its wing! I always love going there because every corner has artworks and installations. You can’t help but be inspired! I love that the government gives their youth the creative freedom to express themselves through art. I wish we could do the same in Manila!

For my last day in Singapore, I spent it attending a few meetings with Singaporean labels (I can’t wait to tell you more about it soon!). I went for something similar as my look in my Gardens by The Bay outfit but went for printed swim shorts this time. I don’t know why but I love wearing swimwear as outerwear sometimes–I’m just weird that way. Ha! I’ll be posting my visual diary from my Singapore adventure in a bit!

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Whenever I travel, I always try to pack light (emphasis on the word “try” lol). I usually bring 2-3 pairs of shoes, 1-2 hand-carry bags and repeat a few basics. When packing for a trip, make sure that at least 2 looks have the same color palette so that it’ll be easy for you to mix and match them. It also helps if you pre-style your outfits beforehand–it’ll make your life so much easier! You can take a mirror shot of your outfit so that during your trip, you won’t find a hard time looking for what to wear anymore. Just go through the photos and use it as a guide!

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On my third day in Singapore, I spent my morning at Haji Lane again to do more shopping and try a few of the restaurants and cafés in the area. I love the fact that I didn’t have an itinerary for this trip. I was at my own pace, not worrying about anything. Except maybe deciding where to eat.

Since I was there to shop, I wore something comfortable and easy to wear. I was decked out in a simple pullover, gym shorts and the most comfortable shoes ever. Anyway, I know a lot of you guys have been requesting for me to post more looks wearing pants. Haha! It was just too hot in Singapore so I didn’t bother wearing one! But for now, enjoy these photos of leg hair in its full glory! Haha! Have a great and productive week ahead!

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