I am currently in the airport waiting for my flight to Sweden. I was invited by H&M to visit their headquarters in Stockholm to experience everything from designing of the clothes, manufacturing, marketing, shooting look books, etc! I’m excited to find out what made them one of the largest clothing retailers in the world! It’s gonna be a fun and inspiring week! I’m sure this will get us more pumped for the store opening in Manila!

A few days before, I went to the Norwegian Embassy for my VISA interview then went to the lofty H&M Showroom to pre-style outfits which I will be wearing for the whole trip! One of my picks was this gorgeous brown leather jacket–it was love at first sight. Of course I just had to take outfit shots with it–surprisingly it looked nice with the outfit I was wearing the day! Haha! Definitely brining this jacket with me to Sweden! Make sure you guys follow me on Instagram (@davidguison) for real-time updates!

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Have you heard the witty statement, “How can you face your problem if your problem is your face?” Harsh but true. Most of the time, we are judged by how we look and our face is definitely the first thing that people look at. That is why it is absolutely necessary that we take care of ourselves and put extra attention to one of the most important part of our bodies (not that the other parts are less important)–our face!

I’ve been called ‘oily’ and ‘haggard’ a couple of times and it’s definitely not music to my ears. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I love to eat hence, my #dglamons posts but I also find time to burn the calories so I go to the gym a lot and I also take whey protein, which has a weird side effect on me because I get pimples! I can also blame the pimples and oily skin to my crazy schedule because I am usually out on mornings for meetings, shoots and events so I blog and write until the wee hours of the morning so my skin suffers leaving me with breakouts! That is why I thank the heavens and the genius people behind the revolutionary ‘Pond’s Men’ which was launched early this year. It’s not a surprise that Pond’s Men continue to reap accolades in the skin care industry as they have found new ways to re-energize the skin and increase the face value of the modern Filipino man. Opted for a burnt orange and brown combo–just like the color of the Pond’s Men Energy Charge Facial Wash!

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There is something about Hainanese chicken rice that makes me so addicted to it. In fact, I love it so much that I never let a week pass without having it (it’s my favorite post-workout meal!). I try to persuade myself that it is a healthy dish, and eating it almost every other day is not a sin. It’s healthy, right? It’s steamed. It’s chicken. How can it be possibly be unhealthy?

There are many stores selling Hainanese chicken in Manila but whenever I feel like splurging and treating myself, I go to the best Hainanese Chicken Rice restaurant for me, Wee Nam Kee, to appease my Singaporean food craving! There are many cheap Hainanese restos out there but they are no match to the quality of Wee Nam Kee’s!

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When I have a packed schedule for the day, I usually go for a short-sleeved button down shirt, chino pants and a pair of sneakers. Easy as pie. I started my day as early as 5:30am to avoid the traffic. Had an 8:30 appointment with the Norwegian embassy, did some pullouts in Makati, attended a lunch meeting, went to a nearby coffee shop to answer a few emails, met up with a friend for coffee then attended a dinner meeting. Whew! Good thing I wore something comfortable and stylish enough to get me through the day.

Also finally got myself a pair of sneakers from Original Penguin! Is it weird that I always go to the store but never noticed that they have shoes as well? Well, who can blame me? You know how guys shop–we usually just walk into the store knowing what we’re looking for. Haha! Most of us have no patience in rummaging through racks of overwhelming number of choices or we’re too lazy to try on clothes. Haha! Can you guys relate?


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Is ‘become a millionaire’ one of your goals? Well, here is your chance to be richer by a million pesos–instantly! Yes, your dream of being a millionaire is finally within reach! Watsons, the largest health and beauty retail store, has launched an exciting promo–the Watsons Win A Million! Don’t you just love to shop and get rewarded in return?  With Watsons, you can look good, feel great and become a millionaire just by shopping!

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Picture this–you are comfortably sitting by a window, birds chirping in the background, you are holding a cup of steaming hot coffee on your left hand and your trusty newspaper on the other. If mornings are like this, then every day would be perfect! But in today’s fast paced world, sometimes there is no time to sit and read news because you need to rush out the door and fulfill your obligations. People nowadays are on the go and what we all need is for our favorite brands who can meet our ever changing needs!

Good thing- my favorite and most trusted news source, The Philippine Star, has an app that can be easily downloaded from your phone or tablet! What I love most about it is that you can read the newspaper from cover to cover and most of all, it’s free! Information on the go at its finest! Every swipe of your finger is like turning a page (minus the newspaper smell that I love haha). Now there is no excuse not be in the know!

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