A wide-eyed wanderer is someone who travels aimlessly having one’s eyes opened with amazement and astonishment. It’s not just for kids who are curious about everything but also for grown ups who continue to journey in life.

The Philippines’ first world-class science museum celebrates its second anniversary with mind-blowing excitement for wanderers of all ages. Over half a million people have come away inspired after visiting The Mind Museum since it’s launch in 2012. I remember being so excited when I found out about it. I even posted about it on my blog. The inner geek in me couldn’t help it! The Mind Museum, a non-profit organisation of Bonifacio Art Foundation, Inc., takes pride in being a museum designed by Filipinos, for Filipinos, as it makes science come alive!

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Believe it or not, I’m the most impatient person when it comes to shopping. I usually browse the first few items displayed on the rack or what the mannequins are wearing and decide from there if I will buy or not. LOL. That’s probably why I’m drawn to online shopping now because one, it’s so convenient. I love the fact that I can do it at the comfort of my home (in my pambahay to be specific). I can simply scan stores and products with a click of a button rather than traveling from one store to another. Two, there’s a wider selection. Sure, it would mean that your decision-making process may be more difficult (what a very nice problem haha), but for sure you’ll be able to find something you fancy! I shop at online brands we don’t have in Manila so chances are you won’t find anyone wearing the same outfit! Three, the stuff are cheaper online that it is in stores. However, shipping fees can be such a pain. More often than not, the fees you pay are even higher than the value of your orders! Don’t fret, I discovered a new way to shop at my favorite online stores without getting taxed a crazy amount. In fact, everything I’m wearing below came from my favorite online shipping shop! Thanks to USA2Everywhere! 

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Jalan Alor is the eating mecca of Malaysia. A trip to Malaysia will not be complete without a visit to this lively iconic street. Situated in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, it is here where you get to taste authentic Malaysian cuisine and get a peek into their beautifully diverse and colourful culture. Trying local food is always a priority for me when I travel. I research the best places to eat and make them the highlight of my visit. In my opinion, the best local food are not in the expensive restaurants but in the simple side streets where the hawker stalls are. In Jalan Alor, there is so much to choose from and I seriously think a one time visit is not enough to taste and experience everything. I would suggest visiting Jalan Alor after you shopped at Pavillion Mall in Bukit Bintang. It’s the perfect combination–shopping and street food dining in one day!

As mentioned in my previous post about my trip to Malaysia, I instantly fell in love with this multi-cultural country. Our five day trip was definitely too short! There was just much to explore. I also want to give a shout out to our tour guide and newfound friend Ashraf who made our trip to Malaysia even more special and memorable. She was in charge of touring the Philippine contingent and she did a fantastic job! In fact, it was really nice of her to bring us to her home and meet her family. She also treated us to some lovely roti and teh tarik. Just like Filipinos, Malaysians are hospitable and thoughtful. Thanks again Tourism Malaysia for this wonderful trip! 

For a change, you will not see outfit photos below. Instead, I hope I make your mouth water with my Jalan Alor food diary. Feast your eyes on satay, nasi lemak, teh tarik, roti and more. Make sure you include a visit to Jalan Alor the next time you are in Kuala Lumpur!

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Hey guys! How’s your Holy Week going so far? I’m sure some of you are either out of town/country, doing visita iglesia or just staying home enjoying the holidays (as a freelancer I really can’t relate haha). I, however had a pretty stressful one (lol). I was the designated driver for our annual family trip this holy week and I drove for 8 dreadful hours from Manila to Zambales. It was crazy. It would usually take us 2-3 hours to get there but apparently almost every family had the same agenda. Good thing we played tons of games during the trip to keep ourselves entertained. Haha!

Oh yeah, about the outfit. Went for something simple and comfortable for a long drive but still stylish enough for summer. I really like wearing brown with white–they go so well together and I like how it shows off my tan. Haha! Finished it off with my favorite brown leather cellphone bag to make everything look cohesive. Have a blessed Holy Week everyone!

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Finally able to share with you my photo diary from my stay at Azumi in an order I’m happy with. It was difficult to choose which photos would make it to the blog because everything was picturesque. The array of books, photos, cozy furnishings, the red accents. Not to mention the natural light filtering through the floor-to-ceiling glass walls, accenting the spaciousness that defines the Azumi’s elegant living spaces. I guess being in Azumi really gets you creative and inspired!

Consisting of 187 spacious and stylish rooms, Azumi is really fit for the modern traveler. One that is not only stylish and environmentally friendly, but also focused on providing things that are really essential and meaningful. By doing away with what is superfluous and largely wasted, Azumi’s guests can enjoy a quality hotel at an outstanding value. After attending strings of meetings in ATC (good thing it’s just a short walk away from the hotel), I had a few more hours to spare to soak up some sun, take a dip at the gorgeous infinity pool and enjoy the amazing food at Romulo Cafe–just located at the ground floor of the hotel. Hope you guys like these photos as much as I do!

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I love road trips. There’s nothing like spending quality time your family/friends/special someone–just telling stories, talking about random stuff and singing along to your favorite songs. A few weeks ago, my friends and I went on a road trip to Pico de Loro for a quick little vacation. As much as we wanted to just hop in the car (the very sleek and sexy Hyundai Elantra, that is) and let the wind take us away, life just doesn’t work that way. We had to make hotel reservations, plan our itinerary, etc. Haha! Thank you Hyundai for an epic weekend!


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